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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • By the way, Lester, have you thought of using cab sims when you’re going direct?
  • For me, the biggest draw for digital effects is having presets. I don’t always use delay at the same settings and wouldn’t have enough space for twelve little Sharpie marks beside each knob on a pedal. Having the tempo sync is also a bit of a must…
  • Lots of interesting options here. I’d love to have an excuse to get a Tech 21 Flyrig. What a cool thing! I have a modelling rig, for bass and guitar, because I do looping and need everything to go through the looper. I also have a Marshall 4x10, be…
  • Fine cheers Nick, appreciate the concern but it was just that I was in a grumpy mood, and had a bit of a rant about Mr Corgan (I'm not his greatest fan ) and then thought I should be better than that, so deleted and I don't why I put that Chet Bake…
  • I once knew a guy who refused to eat Penguins that were in the green wrappers as he said they tasted awful. It’s said that we eat with our eyes, so why not make music worth your eyes too? You alright Megi? (Couldn’t think of a suitably silly co…
  • We must all be nuts. We all know what weight doesn’t equal sustain!
  • Solid maple? Egads, that would be a beast! The Steve Harris Fender bass is solid maple and it weighs nearly 12lbs. I picked one up in a music store once. Well, I tried, but gravity fought me all the way. THAT is a heavy guitar! I have coffee tables…
  • 4.8kg ? Wow! I have a 4kg guitar that I can actually play for a long time, and not because I’m super strong. The strap buttons happen to lay the strap evenly across my back, evening out the weigh quite well. It’s also a soft padded leather strap. I…
  • I know what you mean Derek, it's a bit of a dodgy concept in general - buying things one wouldn't otherwise have bought, just because they're cheap. That said, I have treated myself to a couple of things today, although I don't think either was redu…
  • I’m blessed that I can afford what I need, so everything else is just gravy (or more like the Bordeaux in the gravy). It’s just stuff. We’ll live without it!
  • When I was a bit too young to really appreciate who I was being taken to see, a friend took me to a Joe Pass concert and one by Oscar Peterson. Amazing players. I’m willing to bet something awesome went in and stayed there.
  • Thanks for sharing this Kevin. I haven’t watched it yet, but will on the big tv (not my iPad). I hope all those chaps who have been silenced by the bored wives get to tell their stories one more time so they are recorded. I find the individual sto…
  • Kevin, that could be a service you could provide. I doubt you would have to inhale if you don’t want to. MarkP, I agree. One more guitar can be space consuming, but upgrading gives similar rewards. Graham, nothing wrong with keeping those creat…
  • Is Babs building the Mexican wall too?
  • Publicity! Kanye probably has a new album coming out.
  • That sounds like fun. Love big bands! Well done Graham. What’s the venue?
  • Sweet playing!
  • Ooo! Watch for the repost.
  • May the best wiring win.
  • Fun! Megi’s wiring does look interesting. I quite fancied doing that myself. BUT I went with something simpler. It’s in my post “Number 6 On Its Way”. Basically, it involved having a four way switch and a blender for the middle pickup. I dont use t…
  • Good detective work, Lester!
  • Well, look what showed up...
  • Glad to take you down a trip to memory lane! It’s a good thread. Mind you, it does make me want to keep an eye out for one. Another guitar that I can dedicate to flatwounds would be nice hehe
  • This post is a good read. I love how you convinced this guy not to sell!
  • You’ve left your mark on the internet, Megi. Very impressive! You’re right about the too many guitars thing. I really do have more than I can play. Silly really. Sad thing is that most have no resale value, so I can’t even sell them.
  • Good grief. I can’t imagine I’d ever get a bonus equal to 75% of my salary for doing my job. “Thanks for saving us money, here, have a chunk of it...” Mad.
  • Good to know. Does anyone want to buy my Unicorn Bone glue, since I won't need it? I’ll trade you a can of badger spit nut lubricant.
  • Ouch is right! A friends Les Paul suffered the same fate while inside the hard case. He thinks it might have been knocked over, but he’s not sure. Anyway, it was a nice clean break and I glued it with Evo stik wood adhesive, which I’ve used for s…
  • The u-bass sounds great! It would be a fab portable guitar. I could have done with a bass at a family picnic today, in fact.
  • That’s a relief. Ok, as I was, happy and sensible!