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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • Well Megi, I’m afraid that I probably know less than you! Impedance is when things are stopped with resistance, I believe. (Shrug!) My electrical knowledge is also limited to electric guitars. I can never remember how to measure the resistance on …
  • Nick has actually made his own pickups for some of his guitars - that makes him more of an expert than me. Maybe, if I knew the difference between impedance and resistance It was late. Yea, those killer ome things is what I meant.
  • There’s only one on the tone control. Obvs.
  • Personally, the gold on Megi's doesn't do anything for me (that's my problem, not Megi's) but the rest looks brilliant. You can see why when compoared to my 1986 Japanese HSS Strat. I got my Strat when it was 2 years old; wow, we have been together…
  • Everyone needs a gold guitar in their stable. I need to fix that....! Lovely job Megi. The schematic you have looks really interesting. I’ve never seen one like that, so to have something a bit different would be inspiring I’m sure. Lots of funk…
  • I was having a hair cut the other day and the girl said to me, "I don't know why the Americans are so obsessed with our royal family. i don't even know who their king and queen are!" So good!
  • Ooo very nice! This is going to be great. Having another tool in your kit would no doubt be handy, and you’ll learn more stuff along the way. I find different wirings inspiring so maybe you could try something other than the normal five way thing. …
  • They look like a great idea. I’d love to know how they feel to use, like, how easy it is to pick the position you want? Exciting stuff I’m watching this space
  • Wait a minute.... are those things really £40?
  • This looks like a great plan. Nice one! I’ve seen those free ways and they look like gear sticks. Love to hear how this goes. Are they fiddly to solder?
  • I didn’t watch any of it, and managed to avoid the entire media storm. Thank heavens. Same here. Or the w***ing.
  • Learning scales just to know the scales is soul destroying and a real turn off. Knowing where scale notes are, so that you can play by ear and explore the fretboard and try to spontaneously create something musical, is a joy. oh yes! The fun part …
  • Chapter 11 allows them to restructure their financial obligations to the satisfaction of a judge who can allow them to continue trading. Chapter 7 is insolvency. As long as the court thinks they can pay off loans, lower costs, etc, they'll be around…
  • Oh I couldn’t agree more. If you’re not having fun, stop it! Actually grade 6 scales and arps put me off piano lessons, so I quit and played what I wanted. I just get a bit obsessive over guitar scales, they’re my kind of fun!
  • I refuse to believe that any of my guitar heroes practiced scales or arpeggios. Maybe Andy Summers. This is for nerds. (With respect to Rea) Nonsense! That's far too polite, Graham. And far too many letters!
  • Miles Davis played scales. So did Alan Holdsworth. I don't think either of them could be accused of being lesser in any way when it came to music. You'll also find every single classical musician who ever lived highly adept at scales and arpeggios…
  • It will be interesting to see what happens. I wonder if Pre-2018 Gibsons, like pre-CBS Fenders, will have a certain prestige? Or maybe it will be the other way round. We may be watching musical instrument history unfolding. A new era.
  • And a very humble guy too.
  • I dunno, I never thought of Zep as overly melodic *ducks for cover* I would have expected to hear more people hailing them as the return of "real music that you don't hear around here no more." Personally, I think real music (whatever that is) has a…
  • Van Fleet... after Derek *Trucks* ? (good stuff) :-D I liked that too. Good one Kev!
  • Wow... I was NOT expecting that! Some bands are so derivative that they're a joke, but these guys are IT! If there's a gene for making real music, these guys have it. Unbelievably cool. And the fact that they sound exACTLy like Zep is not a prob…
  • Sure Mark. Therefore there need be no manufacture of guitars in the West at all. Heritage is the one and ONLY reason to do it in America otherwise the figures and rationale do not stack up. Rickenbacker!
  • I’d have thought a smart phone with an add-on mic would be more cost effective.
    in Recorder Comment by nicholaspaul April 6
  • It does. Oh the cavity is big enough to sleep a family of four, so I’m not short of room. All the guitars I built have lots of space for expansion. Strats can be a pain when it comes to hiding 9 volts, but I did take a tone control out in one that…
  • Microchips are made in Israel. Happy Easter. Nice one! Happy Easter, Kevin
  • It all looks like sorcery to me. I just don’t get it!
  • The EOS is indeed a pot. I have it set like in the picture so it's not too loud. You're way beyond me. I'm barely an electronics twinkle in my fathers eye.
  • Megi - It's not what I think about the USA/China guitar, it's what the market thinks and you can guarantee it will put a premium on one made in the USA. Good point. It’s like looking down on Mexican strats. As a friend of mine pointed out, most U…
  • In the future everything will be made in China. The future is now. I don’t have a problem where things are made as long as the quality is there. Jobs change and people move on to other areas of employment. With brands like Tokai, Burny, Epiphone, …