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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • And a very humble guy too.
  • I dunno, I never thought of Zep as overly melodic *ducks for cover* I would have expected to hear more people hailing them as the return of "real music that you don't hear around here no more." Personally, I think real music (whatever that is) has a…
  • Van Fleet... after Derek *Trucks* ? (good stuff) :-D I liked that too. Good one Kev!
  • Wow... I was NOT expecting that! Some bands are so derivative that they're a joke, but these guys are IT! If there's a gene for making real music, these guys have it. Unbelievably cool. And the fact that they sound exACTLy like Zep is not a prob…
  • Sure Mark. Therefore there need be no manufacture of guitars in the West at all. Heritage is the one and ONLY reason to do it in America otherwise the figures and rationale do not stack up. Rickenbacker!
  • I’d have thought a smart phone with an add-on mic would be more cost effective.
    in Recorder Comment by nicholaspaul April 6
  • It does. Oh the cavity is big enough to sleep a family of four, so I’m not short of room. All the guitars I built have lots of space for expansion. Strats can be a pain when it comes to hiding 9 volts, but I did take a tone control out in one that…
  • Microchips are made in Israel. Happy Easter. Nice one! Happy Easter, Kevin
  • It all looks like sorcery to me. I just don’t get it!
  • The EOS is indeed a pot. I have it set like in the picture so it's not too loud. You're way beyond me. I'm barely an electronics twinkle in my fathers eye.
  • Megi - It's not what I think about the USA/China guitar, it's what the market thinks and you can guarantee it will put a premium on one made in the USA. Good point. It’s like looking down on Mexican strats. As a friend of mine pointed out, most U…
  • In the future everything will be made in China. The future is now. I don’t have a problem where things are made as long as the quality is there. Jobs change and people move on to other areas of employment. With brands like Tokai, Burny, Epiphone, …
  • But back to Mr Trucks, wow what a lyrical Player. He sounds more like he’s singing. Beautiful. And unusually emotive.
  • It's so much what you're used to I guess. I suspect that in Canada, like Sweden, they have methods in place to cope with these conditions and all the wheels don't fall off of day to day life. Like Oymyakon in Russia - 500 people permanently living …
  • I had a Westone Concord 2 which was great for its day. I realise now that it had bad intonation and weak pups. Yea my pickups weren’t too hot either. I replaced them with Alexander Pribora handwounds which sound really good. It spends 99% of its …
  • 22 years in Canada made me sick of the stuff! The worst we get here for decades is like a sprinkle of icing sugar in comparison!
  • I have a Westone Concord from the Matsumoku factory. Very solid guitar, but the neck is a bit thin. It was my first guitar so I won’t part with it.
  • I just thought they were nice. Didn’t think much of it. Actually didn’t think. Doh. Summer wine please!
  • Welcome Gary! Someone has one for sale on Reverb for £149. That’s all I know, but yea, nothing wrong with a Washburn
  • Is blackened death metal even darker than death metal ? I can't wait for the FOUR bladed razors to come out to slash my wrists with. How much darker can you get? None more. As I’m typing this , I looked down and noticed the digestives I’m eatin…
  • I think you should use your ears and find one that works for you Yup. I gave up trying to emulate anything years ago. If it sounds good to you, it’s a good tone. Sorry if that sounds dismissive, but it should empower you.
  • In my experience, none of the overdrive or distortion pedals simulate a valve amp but they can be used with a valve amp to get a great sound. I agree. It all depends on the amp you’re using. I doubt even a valve equipped pedal would do the trick.…
  • You’re right about Taylor. They make fantastic instruments and certainly get a lot of press about their new ideas. No one can touch em! A while ago I played just about every acoustic brand out there and elected Taylor my overall favourite. Exquis…
  • Sorry, I don’t follow...
  • Homosexual queen? I agree, it’s a good world to be in where opportunity is a level playing field.
  • Hmmm. I don’t care if a girl or a guy are playing guitar. I never see Gail Ann Dorsey play and think “hey it’s a woman playing bass”. She’s just a fantastic bass player who happens to be female. I suppose it’s more unusual. I just really despise …
  • Good points megi. It’s a big valuable name that someone is bound to snap up for a song (literally)(kind of). There are enough people who just have to have a Gibson and nothing else would do that there is enough of a market , but I don’t know enough …
  • Congrats kevin, and kevin jr. Thats fantastic news! You have every right to be proud, and no reason to apologise for bragging. That’s not branding, that’s just being a Dad. Good for you mate.. while I wouldn’t want to steal his thunder, you must b…
  • I’d stick with a Google mapping.