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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • If you love it and it inspires you to play, why not? That sounds so... final. It does. Jocko, is there a reason why you will only buy one more guitar? What if you find you need a slightly different Vee to compliment this one? Oh and have you tri…
  • Stunning! Nice to see how the plastics are aging. Cor!
  • Just looking at the wiring diagram again and thinking how much sense it makes now. I was a bit confused at first, but now I can see that flipping the switch just gives you the option to dial in the middle pickup in series, AND you get neck and brid…
  • Lovely job Megi. All together the finish and choice of plastics is fantastic. Gorgeous! I was interested to read your review of the sounds. Have you narrowed it down to two or three faves yet? How much do you adjust the series knob, or do you le…
  • Ooo exciting changes! Looking forward to more pics Megi.
  • I feel silly sometimes, gushing over my guitar haha but those are my genuine emotions It is true often people take an unnecessarily negative view of things, it's not constructive at all is it. True. What’s so funny about peace love and unders…
  • Gorgeous tone! Nice and warm without being muddy. I’ve always loved minihumbuckers too, so it’s nice to hear them in a semi acoustic. Like Lester, I like hearing someone describing how much they are in love with something. There’s so much negativi…
  • Guess I’ll have to buy some Vansons of my own to find out how they sound!! I’ve never tried tru oil, just tung and danish. Both seemed easy enough. Ok, dead easy. Have fun with the nut!
  • I think my main problem with the plastic is the ugly recess in the bottom. They just looked cheap. Things like that can just turn you off something, then they’ll never sound good! Sometimes I think I can hear the differences with handwound pickups,…
  • It seems I am in good company: see what Nicko, Iron Maiden's drummer has on the left hand side of his kit at precisely 10 seconds into the video! Hahah nicely spotted! I just hope it’s not instant coffee
  • Sorry to hear you have a family member in hospital, Megi. Hope that isn’t for too much longer... I’m enjoying watching your guitar thread though >] I started a new job about 5 months ago which is leaving me exhausted when I come home, so if I ca…
  • So so exciting! A satin feeling neck is a beautiful thing. I bet that tru oil feels amazing! I love the sporadic birds eyes on the headstock too. Hope you sleep as much as you need, but selfishly hope you get this done too! No...sleep first ....!
  • Those Croatians do lots of things well don’t they?! Lovely sounding demos. They really do have that strat sound, very snappy and Knopfler. I’ve never looked into flat or staggered profiles. Do they make much of a difference, or is it another 5% c…
  • Best thing I've seen in YouTube in ages. Those girls rock! Your friend should be very proud. I hope they do more videos.
  • £1495 for 10 days in the Alps isn't bad. Never been to Austria. Oh, nice work, Graham. Snap, those drill bits are cool! A tenner for a whole set? Cor. I'll have to keep those in mind for next time. Thanks ESB!
  • Thanks for the update, G. I had a closer look at the bobbins he uses and they look like molded plastic. Ugh. And if he’s buying the bobbins elsewhere and adding magnets, those bobbins have to have plastic between the coils and the magnets. More …
  • So, Megi the Recent Joiner, I know this is an old thread, but did you end up buying any Rhine stone, I mean Iron Stone pickups?
  • Nice one Lester! Not a Neil young fan, but I got it. Anyone got any more musical cartoons?
  • Robert fripp would be proud!
  • Nice nut! I don’t make many nuts, not enough to pay for nut files anyway, so I wrap wet and dry around feeler gauges and measure them with calipers. Works a treat! That’s the trickiest part for me. I do like sanding and final polishing tho!
  • Well Megi, I’m afraid that I probably know less than you! Impedance is when things are stopped with resistance, I believe. (Shrug!) My electrical knowledge is also limited to electric guitars. I can never remember how to measure the resistance on …
  • Nick has actually made his own pickups for some of his guitars - that makes him more of an expert than me. Maybe, if I knew the difference between impedance and resistance It was late. Yea, those killer ome things is what I meant.
  • There’s only one on the tone control. Obvs.
  • Personally, the gold on Megi's doesn't do anything for me (that's my problem, not Megi's) but the rest looks brilliant. You can see why when compoared to my 1986 Japanese HSS Strat. I got my Strat when it was 2 years old; wow, we have been together…
  • Everyone needs a gold guitar in their stable. I need to fix that....! Lovely job Megi. The schematic you have looks really interesting. I’ve never seen one like that, so to have something a bit different would be inspiring I’m sure. Lots of funk…
  • I was having a hair cut the other day and the girl said to me, "I don't know why the Americans are so obsessed with our royal family. i don't even know who their king and queen are!" So good!
  • Ooo very nice! This is going to be great. Having another tool in your kit would no doubt be handy, and you’ll learn more stuff along the way. I find different wirings inspiring so maybe you could try something other than the normal five way thing. …
  • They look like a great idea. I’d love to know how they feel to use, like, how easy it is to pick the position you want? Exciting stuff I’m watching this space
  • Wait a minute.... are those things really £40?