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Making videos. Check em out here - Looping Videos


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November 20, 1968
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Rickenbacker 360, homemade guitars, Boss GT8 and Mustang III


  • I forgot about this post, so here's one more thing. Capacitors aren't in the signal chain, they just dump your excess pixies down the toilet, you can't hear them scream! Brilliant ! Have to remember that one!
  • Great job, Lester. I'd be nervous about having to repair the pickup but I suppose you get that with any internal setup. Just me. It wouldn't take much to calm my fears and I'd do the same. I love the idea of a thinner acoustic! That pedal board is …
  • Welcome back, Lester. It’s so good to hear that you’re on the mend and doing so much better. Congrats!
  • If you don’t take the real estate, the singer will! Actually, I have a board that’s over a meter long and I worry if it’s too big. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. That wedding sounds like fun. And it sounds like you were well pre…
  • /non-guitar related content/ I had no idea that forwent is the past tense of forgo. You learn something new every day! Back to normal... how often do you need a quick setup setup? Is it the kind of thing people ought to have available?
  • The naked Faith models sound amazing. Not as cheap as Vintage though, but still great value for money at around £300. Has anyone here tried Harley Benton acoustics? Their electrics have such great reviews, I’m curious how their other lines measur…
  • I once went through just about everything on the market at various stores and came to the conclusion that Taylors are it. For me, at least. They beat out Martin, Larivee and everything else. I should give Sigma another try. I do also love Faith…
  • It sounds like you’ve got most things covered, including a boost which would have been my first recommendation. How about a uni vibe or tremolo pedal of some kind for a washy SRV feel? Or a wah, if you fancy a bit of Hendrix?
  • Haha, none of us are as good as we’d like to be
  • Cool! I bet it sounds great thru that Victory.
  • Wow! That is pretty!
  • So sorry to hear Lester but thanks for sharing. Prayers with you and yours. Let’s hope for a speedy resolve
  • Oh yes, I’ve heard they are very good. Oh well!
  • Nice tuners! What brand are they?
  • I know I’m biased but for me the ergonomics far outweigh anything else (not literally!). But I know there are lots of fantastic headed guitars out their. I played some Mayones that sound terrific and play beautifully. Not my thing, but fanned fret…
  • Own the song, don’t just borrow it- I like that! And for the record, I’m with the 1% who would play Amazing Grates with more chords. The more the merrier! Chuck in an Em7 and F/G for good measure.
  • It might be out of budget but I can highly recommend a .strandberg* Boden Original. Just try one!
  • Just kidding about the riff raff. I managed to get through...
  • It works to keep out the riff raff. Who’s in charge of that kind of thing?
  • Glad you liked it, Lester. I agree, the fender style trem is meant to be abused! I use mine in anger regularly and never suffer from many tuning problems. Sadly I was put off buying one for years when someone in a shop told the impressionable 17 y…
  • How interesting...we may have played the same guitar! I did nearly buy it too. Oh well, music shops are a bit hit and miss aren’t they?
  • Lester, Lester...whatever you do, do not pickup a screwdriver until you watch this video! Seriously... I’ve spent years adjusting trems and resigned myself to thinking I’d have to buy a boutique system to get it to feel right. I watched videos, bo…
  • There really isn’t anything you can mess up on a guitar so badly that you’ll be out of pocket as much as the cost of the guitar. Just about everything can be adjusted and readjusted back again, except for obviously the finish. But that’s just cosm…
  • Sounds like you had a fun trip, even if you didn’t buy anything. I had a somewhat lesser experience than you, but did buy something! I was there about a month ago, trying out jazz semis, and absolutely loved the Ibanez AFC95. The lady who helped m…
  • Good to know, Mark. Thanks for sharing. I know that Shure make an iOS mic too. I think it’s deifnitely worth investing in to so you can choose a space to record in rather than recording where your gear happens to be. I once recorded a friends acou…
  • Epi’s Seems to be great value for money. I recently played a 339 and really liked it. I couldn’t find fault with any aspect of it - sound, construction, finish, feel, setup - everything was amazing. For fun I also tried a new Gibson 335 and couldn’t…
  • Wow that looks like my ideal Les Paul! Nice axe Megi! Is that wudtone clear coat an oil ? You don’t want to sand wood super smooth before staining anyhow. Going down to 240 grit is all you need. Beyond that and you’ll just make the wood shiny an…
  • I was just looking at the wudtone website because I had never heard of it before now. But the website isn’t very clear about what it really is! It says that it’s not sprayed, but is the topcoat a wipe on poly or an oil, like Danish or Teak?
  • Very exciting! Is it going to be built from scratch, ie carved lumber, or are you looking for kits? A midpoint could be buying the body and neck and modifying to suit. Just an idea. I’m looking forward to hearing more! And happy to answer question…
  • Oh that’s frustrating! Mind you, so is cutting a nut too low or just wrong somehow. I have a box of broken nuts that I’m sure must have a use!