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  • I've head some patchy things about the consistency of the paint work on them in terms of how well they 'keep between the lines'. So I'd be sure to have a look at one either locally or order online with the Premier Service. The only other thing I'…
  •  Quote:Originally posted by AndyS_UK: Can anyone compare the modelling ability of the sansamp compared with the modelling of the pod? If you can afford it, I'd go sansamp. The Tri AC is pretty cool too. The Hughes and Kettner Tubeman is something el…
  • Very nice work. No plans for a lid? I don't think you've ever mentioned gigging. P.S. Nice Clogs.
  • For the money, I think they're great. In particular the one that spoke out to me the most was the Guv'nor Overdrive pedal. I use one for whenever I have to use someone elses backline and have usually found it to be built quite well.
  • I have to agree with the majority of things that have been said, however:  Quote:Originally posted by LooseMoose: Bad Monkey. This is an overdrive pedal that FAR outstrips anything that Boss create and in fact highlights a MASSIVE hole in Boss' …
  • Do any electronic nerds ( ) know how hard it'd be to be able to get the same button push for the graphic EQ to also change the channel on your amp?
  • It's to add to the festive feeling of christams. If you ever venture into the Bass area too you'll notice that it's black.
  • Check out the manual and see if you can get the serial number for it, if you misplaced your manual too it'll be online on the Marshall site. Once you have the serial number then I'd ask a Marshall dealer to see if they can get one in. Or alternative…
  • Hehehehehe We all do it, sometimes, maybe, occasionally..
  • SM58 vs SM57? Get an EV 767 instead! A/B one against a standard 58 or even a 58a and you'll be suprised which one you go home with.
  • Ho ho ho!
    in i am SO excited Comment by nad May 2007
  •  Quote:Originally posted by Matt-: I'd only be looking to pay £25ish a month as from what i can see it gets all you the mins and texts i would need. Not really that fussy on phones just somethinjg decent.If you're good with keeping track of bills t…
    in Changing job Comment by nad April 2007
  •  Quote:Originally posted by Matt-: Tried that, they don't want to advertise a second hand amp that they sell new anyway, it's taking business away from them. It's now pasted in every local trade it type thing and still not a single call!! Exploring…
  •  Quote:Originally posted by Scrooge:  Quote:Originally posted by Skinny: Music shops? Steve. On the contrary, as I understand it they have to pay VAT on any customer items they buy, and in turn have to make a profit on it themselves - leavi…
  • There's always going to be room for cheap and cheerful products. Whilst I agree that Behringer stuff isn't to be relied on - for the money you're hard pushed to find anything else there. That said - Tapco's (Mackie) new stuff is fantastic and great…
  • Anti aliasing on all text? Eww.
  •  Quote:Originally posted by tTz: Scroll down a little 'til you get to the bit about the crosshairs, then tell me if you seriously believe someone has airbrushed them out. Bingo! O…
  • Ixnay on the asking me to sell to you.. nay!
    in Memo to nad Comment by nad November 2006
  • That one was impressive. Two alerts seconds within each other. Cheers for the alerts guys anyway, it really helps for when we're not physically browsing the forum!
  • [img][/img] Wewt.
  •  Quote:Originally posted by Tox-v2.0:  Quote:Oh and remember, next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day! So, y'know, if you want to, go ahead and, uh, wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.Office space ftw! Hello Peter.. what's happening? Anyway, we ne…
  •  Quote:Originally posted by ChilliJam:  Quote:Originally posted by Andy Varney: Unusually I didn't buy anything apart from a Cappucino but I did get to meet the drummer from Cradle Of Filth (a really nice young man despite their reputation) which…
    in Event Comment by nad November 2006
  • "I only bought it because it reminds me of how perfect you are!" Works every time.
  •  Quote:Originally posted by Ricman: Sounds easy! Thanks for the advice. CS downloading now. I may be back for more help! Just to elabourate.. The "ping" is basically the response time between your computer and the server you're playing on. So b…
  • Steam. That said, when you've got CS installed and up and running, Right click the Steam icon in your system tray and hit "Servers". Set the Ping to
  • Sounds awesome, I think being on the road is possibly the most amount of fun I've ever had in my life. You touring by yourself or with another band? Did you book it independently?
  •  Quote:Originally posted by jonm: Who is your audience? Me.  Quote:Originally posted by jonm: I cannot help but notice the similarity between your artwork and the New York skyline pre-9/11..... Adding flames etc. could be inappropriate.I agr…
    in photoshop Comment by nad August 2006
  •  Quote:Originally posted by ESC4P3: UNCLE PSYCHOSIS - CLOSE CHIN PUSSY (no offence meant) Sam, you should be very happy that I don't have access to be able to change your name on here.
    in Anagrams Comment by nad August 2006
  • Oh dear CJ, this is almost as bad as why I was up until 5 AM the other day .
    in Anagrams Comment by nad August 2006
  •  Quote:Originally posted by stickyfiddle: We need to record some more songs- we have at least 3 that are better than the ones on our demo now, but it'll cost a fortune to get a producer in, make sure it's done properly. Anyone know any good cheap pr…