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  • Nail, head, hit!
  • It has a few dings and scratches but none of them are memorable, by which I mean I cannot remember how any of them were done. By and large, it is in reasonable to good condition. I always reckon I could improve the sound with better pickups - and Me…
  • Personally, the gold on Megi's doesn't do anything for me (that's my problem, not Megi's) but the rest looks brilliant. You can see why when compoared to my 1986 Japanese HSS Strat. I got my Strat when it was 2 years old; wow, we have been together…
  • I continue to be really impressed with the quality of your work and that of the suppliers you choose, Megi.
  • I am better understanding your constant tweaking and building as I am doing something similar with drums, having been playing drums in a band for the last 5 years I am experimenting with getting them to sound and work how I want, now that I know wha…
  • I'll be frank: Henry J and his leadership team deserve to have lost their company. Gibson as a guitar brand could be salvaged from among all the junk Henry J amassed. Joe Bonamassa has so many Gibson's guitars; maybe he could be given the brand nam…
  • Hi robbo, RIchard, the chap who runs the forum has his shop, Richard's Guitars, the shop web site, rguitars.co.uk, and he also runs usedguitars.co.uk. Both have more used guitars than we see for sale on the forum.
  • That is an impressive report, Megi. Thanks. Years ago, when I bought a BOSS stereo chorus pedal, I started playing with the idea of trying to use stereo when playing live but I learned that audiences do not line themselves up centrally to get the f…
  • I use a MXR MC-401 which is also a clean boost pedal.
  • And I am a hotchpotch of both methods!
  • I did not say as much but my thoughts were distinguishing between a normal business model (where everyone needs to cover their overheads and provide some profit) and greed.
  • If you fancy a read of the Rolling Stone article As Boomer Musicians Retire From Touring, Concert Industry Faces Uncertain Future you will see that concern about the music industry is not really about the music but about the money: the revenues and …
  • I never thought of punk as a reaction against prog rock; I thought it was a reaction against glam rock in a similar way that rock 'n' roll was a reaction against the crooners that dominated the charts in the early '50s. I can see how we have evolve…
  • Thomann's best selling audio interface is the quite small and quite amazing Focusrite Scalett 2i2 2nd Gen, useful for recording up to 2 tracks with combination XLR and 1/4" jack inputs, so mics or guitars. One of the smallest audio interfaces is the…
  • Your 3rd link has the Zoom recorders. I have had the older version of the Zoom H2N for the last 6 or 7 years, use it every week and continue to be really impressed with it. Look at the reviews: the H1N has 4 reviews while the H2N has 68. I would re…
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  • He will be in the dog house now. IGMC.
  • After you have done all that training with Alfie, a whippet and a labrador, wouldn't you be dog tired?
  • With brands like Tokai, Burny, Epiphone, Faith and PRS Korean-made guitars we are used to increasingly higher quality from far eastern manufacturers. The only thing missing is mojo, the invisible thing that bumps the price up and makes the owner fee…
  • A nice find, Megi, well done! The last part makes complete sense, that a bankruptcy buyout means the management, quality and everything else currently dissapointing about the brand can be scrapped and the Gibson name can get a clean start.
  • Hi Gary and welcome. Sorry but I don't know about Washburn models and their ages. I hope it is proving to be a great guitar for you.
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  • 27th Feb: Gibson Brands has laid off more than 15 people at the Gibson Custom Shop.
  • In my experience, none of the overdrive or distortion pedals simulate a valve amp but they can be used with a valve amp to get a great sound.
  • Darth Vader voice: These are not the reliced items you are looking for. Move along.
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  • Prices from eBay. Would Argos not be cheaper?
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  • To be suspicious is wise. Accusing without convincing evidence would be unfair. Kind's other advert here - here - is also an attempt to shift a pile of gear in one go.
  • Drifting off the OP's question, following ESBlonde's comment, my life changed when I plugged straight into my Mesa Boogie combo, cranked it for the distorted sound (on the lead channel) I wanted and then rolled the guitar volume back down to around …
  • The $169 Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is just about the most popular desktop USB mic and it has quality and features that make it an obvious contender. Rode is a reliable entry level mic manufacturer.
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  • Maybe in this day and age version 2.5 means version 2 update 5 and version 2.12 means version 2 update 12, rather than what the numbers alone imply.
  • Thanks, Megi. I am still using my old and much-loved Boss ME-5 which I bought in the late '80s. It took me a while to really understand each pedal and how they worked in combinations. After about a year of having it I could hear a song on the radio …
  • I have a novice question, because I don't have a Helix. What are getting when you buy a patch? Is it a (or many) new sounds that you could not have dialed in with your existing Helix or is it just a set of parameters that any Helix owner could dial …