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  • Nick, sort of but I am having another look. The red DI box in the 3rd of my opening photos has a speaker sim built in, as does another DI box I have. I have no amp sim and so I tend to add my MXR 10-band EQ (in the first photo) and top and tail the …
  • (I just hope he doesn't bring a bag of washing as is usual.) A bag of washing would be better than him coming home and showing you his new Martin that he bought during the autumn term!
    in My Lad Comment by Lester December 8
  • I wonder whether a decent sound system partially depends to some extent on the group's decision to have everyone plug into DI boxes, Bose L1s or similar or to have a traditional backline. A friend in the USA has his band plugging in everything dire…
  • It sounds like he has entered the Eric Johnson zone.
  • Nice choice, Tel. I have never heard a bad-sounding Martin.
  • Black Friday in the UK is the last Friday before Christmas. I believe the tradition started because miners would go Christmas shopping straight from work, without washing first. Do we need to import a US retail day that also happens to be called Bl…
  • I know what you mean: I sold my Gibson Les Paul partly because 4.8kg was impractically heavy for me for the length of a whole gig.
  • Aha, that's Steve Krenz, my guitar teacher, on the right!
  • When I was a bit too young to really appreciate who I was being taken to see, a friend took me to a Joe Pass concert and one by Oscar Peterson. Amazing players.
  • Sure, give an address for me to send it to via a PM. I will post it on Monday and it should take about a week to get to you.
  • A new leadership team starts on 1st November.
  • That sounds fantastic. Well done on getting the part.
  • Hard to imagine over £1,000 difference in price! I recently watched an interview with Paul Reed Smith. He said that there is little difference between a $2,000 guitar and a $200 guitar as they both have all the same principle parts; except that the …
  • ... found in a skip. I find it hard to believe that someone would throw a guitar into a skip. Great work on making it playable, Jocko.
  • - It looks like he may have bought it in May 2016.
    in Shine SIL510 Comment by Lester October 6
  • I have read (here) that Henry will not so much be out of Gibson, just out of his role as CEO. He got a bonus of $1.5m (for selling TEAC) and will get a salary of $2.1m for the next year as a consultant to Gibson (which, by the way, just happens to b…
  • Drilling wood will have the same rule as sawing wood: measure twice, cut once, so your checking all the possibilities before deciding is wise. All I would say is that if in the Gibson position it does not hang properly then surely that cannot be the…
  • In the Stew-Mac article Where's the best spot for your strap button? I use position no. 5.
  • That is an interesting track, Mark, with each instrument sounding lovely and the combination of them together sounding very experimental. The bass does indeed sound warm and full yet in no way vague, as I would have expected.
  • I forgot to add that there has been one newcomer to the family, a Kala U-bass. U stands for ukulele and it is the size of a baritone uke. It is made of solid mahogany with walnut fretboard and bridge and nice details like a Tusq nut and tortoise sh…
  • Thanks, Jocko. It turns out the link didn't include the .jpg suffix which the forum image link needs.
  • Much later I was led to believe that was a Dm7 ... That first chord is as it is labelled, DM/F. The open Dm7 is this:
  • Having started with a cheap stereo from my paper-round money, the first thing I saved up for when I started work for real was a quality stereo. A friend gave me great advice: "Once you have chosen your system, stop reading hi-fi magazines." I am sti…
    in Hi-Fi! Comment by Lester September 8
  • If I was in your position I might play with putting the audio in my DAW (yours is Reaper, IIRC) and EQ it so that all except the bass is relatively quieter so that I had a better chance of hearing what I struggle to hear normally. I am constantly s…
  • If you are tone deaf then it won't matter one bit what chords you play as you won't hear whether they do or don't fit the song. I suspect you are not as tone deaf as you think, Jocko, so don't put yourself down and believe that the more you try to s…
  • Jocko, how about taking a song like Doolin' Dalton that you have learned and playing it without any music or chords in front of you? If you need the lyrics, by all means use them. When you cannot remember a particular chord, try the chords in the ke…
  • Your opening sentence, Mark, remkinds me of the saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." I think you are saying that applies here as well as Mr. Bensusan's playing and teaching st…
  • Mark, I wonder whether the multi-FX companies make their built-in sounds a bit OTT for beginners such as I was, wanting to hear what each effect does. Any buyer already familiar with such units is more likely to do what Jocko has done - ignore the p…
    in Zoom G3X Comment by Lester August 19
  • ... the best use of effects is sparingly ... I agree with Megi with one proviso: when I started with effects I needed each effect to be overdone so that I could hear what it was doing. As I became accustomed to hearing what the effects do I started …
    in Zoom G3X Comment by Lester August 17
  • If you like chorus, try it with a compressor before the chorus. The thing with EQ is I find that the tone knob on the guitar doesn't allow for finer possibilities such as cutting some lower mids to make the sound less muddy and/or boosting the high…
    in Zoom G3X Comment by Lester August 17