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July 3, 1948


  • Neither did I, until I stumbled across them.
  • Great job. I ended up using these strings: D'Addario EJ32 Folk Nylon Normal (.028-.045) Ball End Folk Guitar Strings.
  • I have often bought albums after gigs, and been very disappointed how unlike the gig they were.
  • Well it doesn't look like I am going to be doing any gaol time. It is now well past the 14 days set for sending out a Notice of Intended Prosecution, even allowing for delays to the Royal Mail brought on by Christmas and New Year. Still. it was disc…
    in Speed Camera. Comment by Jocko January 8
  • US model as far as I am aware.
  • My brother was parting with one of his basses and offered my grandson his choice of the two. After a couple of days playing the two he chose the blonde, maple necked bass, which is actually a Squier. I had previously altered the headstock to read …
  • Thanks. Should it not have been this one?
  • I don't speed. I do not even exceed 20 mph limits, as a thousand drivers who have followed me through Edinburgh will testify. If I am prosecuted I will plead not guilty and if the case goes against me I will refuse to pay the fine. As a pensioner, o…
  • Despite copying the video to my laptop I have kept the untouched original on the camera card. Luckily, at the time the camera went off, I had the presence of mind to press the button that puts it in a protected folder, so it cannot get overwritten.
  • Just discovered that Richie Castellano is currently playing with Blue Oyster Cult.
  • I know. I spent almost two hours watching him record all the parts to "I Get Around", earlier this morning!
  • Thanks to ESBlonde for introducing me to John Castellano and ultimately Band Geeks and Richie Castellano. So how about this?
  • I have a list made out and with Mrs Jocko as to who is to get each of the 10 guitars when I finally take up the harp (and I don't mean mouth organ!),
  • I gave his brother a fancy watch for his 21st, but Ciarán is registered blind, so a watch was not a great idea! His brother got one of my self builds when he graduated last year.
  • And the good thing is, that's me down to "Ten Guitars".
  • We all know that the finish of a guitar affects the sound. I suppose the colour pigment subtle affects the finish so there could be some reason behind it. Perhaps if you are so musically attuned you may notice the difference. Personally I struggle t…
  • Mahogany Strat weighs in at 9.5 lbs. (4.3 kg)
  • Well that is the guitar finished, set up and shaken down. I have played it constantly for a fortnight, so this evening I polished it up, wiped it down, and put it in its Gator Case. That is it ready to pass on this coming week. I dug out my American…
  • Should do a screen grab and get a colour picture to keep.
  • Decided on Option 2. The cheaper option. I am going to purchase the necessary parts, plus a new pickguard, build it, then fit it to my American Standard Strat. I can always swap back if I get fed up with it, or prefer the original set up. All I have…
  • It'll be interesting to see if you've turned the guitar into a keeper. It certainly won't be a keeper as far as I am concerned. The reason I have done the recent work to it is to pass it on to someone else, but I am sure the recipient will definitel…
  • Well, that is the update to the Stratru-caster complete. An amazing range of sounds available but how many will be used I wouldn't like to guess. Currently, with the new Fender Super Bullet 9's fitted, there are some wonderful bell like tones. I'll …
  • Well, that's the Stratru-caster stripped. Just to transfer the parts over to the bespoke pickguard. I'll leave that until tomorrow evening.
  • My no load pot arrived today so I wired it into the circuit, and it works a treat. I have just to remove the bespoke pickguard from the guitar and swap the circuits over. I say swap them, but I think I will just bin the Squier electrics. Doubt I wil…
  • A lovely piece if music. And beautifully played.
  • And and least it is an easy swap, with only a couple of wires running to the pot. Especially as the pickguard is still lying on the bench! I'll wait until it is swapped before installing on the bespoke pickguard. At least the guitar is complete and…
  • Just ordered a CTS no load pot. I am still a month away from needing it ready, so I may as way do it right.
  • No problem, but the switched pot would be ideal. I will know how much of an influence it has when I play some music with it.
  • Wired up and tested the pickguard this evening, complete with Blender pot. If I was building another I would probably go for a 500KΩ Blender pot (or the no load type mentioned), as the 250KΩ doesn't quite stop all the "blend". All I have to do is st…
  • That segue sounds similar to the problem I am having. I am learning Desperado and The Girl From Yesterday (easy number) at the same time. However, they are both in G, but the easy chord runs are partially in the opposite order. I keep slipping from …