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July 3, 1948


  • Spent a couple of hours this evening with some Compressor pedal effects, and an Equaliser pedal. I had watched a couple of videos this afternoon, so had an idea what I was doing. Found the EQ made a difference, but the Compressor was excellent. I en…
    in Zoom G3X Comment by Jocko August 17
  • Changed the strings on my red Shine. The ones which were on, for three years, were cheap and nasty no-name strings. I had purchased a couple of sets, when I was experimenting with setting a guitar up as a banjo. I put a set of Ernie Ball Cobalt Regu…
  • Thanks, Lester. These are two pedals I would not have given a lot of consideration to. To me a Compressor never appears to do very much, and Equalisation is something I try to handle by my guitar settings, and, when I use one, the amp. I will give t…
    in Zoom G3X Comment by Jocko August 17
  • I think I will replace the strings on my red Shine (the one I am playing 2 hours a day) as after the Vee they do sound dull. Don't know why, they have only been on for 5 years.
  • Last night I was looking through my empty string packets fronts. When I restring a guitar I write the date and which guitar it was, on the front of the old packet front and stick it an envelope (I was looking to see what guitar had the oldest string…
    in Old plastic. Comment by Jocko August 12
  • I have given away one of the guitars I built myself. My mahogany bodied Tru-squire. I gave it to my grandson on his graduation from university. He had always admired it and at least now it gets played.
  • I loved my Tanglewood. Sometimes I regret giving it to my nephew, but at least now it gets played regularly.
  • Well, that is the Rocktile returned to Corey, and he was absolutely over the moon with it. He says he has never played a better guitar. Bless him, he is only thirteen! He then told me he had learned to sweep pick and proceeded to play some stuff Ste…
  • A gentle fret dress will likely get rid of the buzz. More often I get the buzz when unplugged but it's not noticable amplified. Have a look on Yootube for straight edge type fret leveling, you can even round/dress frets with a regular file if you ar…
  • Jocko, is there a reason why you will only buy one more guitar? What if you find you need a slightly different Vee to compliment this one? Oh and have you tried the Axetec Floyd? Is it as good as the branded ones, and easy to setup? I’m often tem…
  • Took the guitar along to my brother's this afternoon, for a jam, and playing through an amp I became aware of slight fret buzz at higher frets, so I have had to raise the bridge slightly. Action is not quite as pleasing as it was. If it had been my …
  • What I need is a guitar that I will play! I still have a few guitars left but none have inspired me the way the Vee has. I have been playing it for a couple of weeks now, and I love it. I love the feel, I enjoy the sound, I love the fact it stands u…
  • I was considering going down that route. I would like to put black machineheads on as well, which would necessitate enlarging the holes in the headstock, something I'd rather do on a "cheap and cheerful". Only drawback is the finish is rather soft a…
  • In that case I'll live forever! I want a Tesla P100D.
  • Took a couple of photographs this morning, of the Squier. The paper is in the shot to allow me to get the colours correct. All the plastic was Glacier White when I bought the guitar back in 1995. Even the headstock finish is aging nicely. The mark …
    in Old plastic. Comment by Jocko August 7
  • That is the Rocktile played within an inch of its life, nicely settled and ready to return to my grandson. I fitted straplocks, so I hope he likes my choice of strap. The new Floyd Rose looks rather smart in black.
  • That was bought brand new. I had been away from guitar for years and took a fancy to playing again. My then wife bought me an Epiphone PR350-S and I started playing again. That one has since been past on to one of my nephews (when I bought the Larr…
    in Old plastic. Comment by Jocko August 7
  • Fender have started to include the tone control on the Strat Bridge pick up too. My 2010 has it, and a mate has a slightly earlier Strat with the same. Must be a demand for it.
  • It could well have come from the same shop, as my grandson is in Tranent!
  • Looks nice. I, however, would have gone for a screened connection to the jack. You wouldn't use a twisted pair from the jack to the amp!
  • Look good what I've seen on YouTube
  • Reviving a really old thread but I am playing more guitar now than I have done for years. I play a bit of electric for a couple of hours each weekday morning. I like playing rhythm guitar, and have my favourite tracks as Reaper projects and I play t…
  • I'd love to build another Strat, but now I have to survive on a pension I am afraid there are other priorities. I also wanted to build a bass, based on a Tele body, but that died in the womb too!
  • I use screened cable for all my signal wiring on my builds.
  • I am loving playing this guitar. Or maybe it is just "guitar" I am loving playing. I use Reaper, and I have a whole load of tracks from Karaoke Versions where I can leave out the part I want to play (usually the rhythm track). I have spent the last …
  • Been playing the guitar for a couple of hours now and it plays remarkably well. It is what I have always said. A cheap guitar can be dramatically improved by a good set up. I had to remove the output jack socket, give it a clean and a skoosh of Serv…
  • I will never have one. Because there were no strings on it originally I took 2 and a bit hours to restring and tune it.
  • Love the look of that guitar. I like the "cool" gold as against the usual "warm" colour. Really goes well with the Ivory scratch plate and black accents. How many builds have I missed?
  • Interesting. I can hear lots of influences there. Not the least, late Beatles.
  • I rather like it. I cannot say I'd rush out to buy one but I would love to own one.