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  • I can imagine. I have two from the TW series - the 40 and the 60. Both wonderful guitars. I bought both mine second hand for a lot less. Wish I'd picked up a 73 when they were affordable, too.
  • Cheers chaps. Yes, that TW40 is lovely - the extra mm width on the neck is great for fingerstyle.
  • Cheers guys! I don't think I'll ever nail it properly, but this is close enough for the time being :-)
  • I don't think I could remember 12 chords and 78 changes in one song - I struggle with three chords and just 6 changes. That said, I guess repetition is the answer. When I learn a finger picking piece I learn it a note at a time, and it can take mont…
  • Interesting thread. I'm starting to think about retirement, too. As with a few others on this thread it's still a couple of years away (unless the company decides it wants to give me the payout that is currently being offered to middle and higher ma…
  • Excellent news!
  • I think it's Noel, rather than Liam. But I agree. I tried watching a fair bit of the Biggest Weekend stuff and realised I'm 45 years too old for most of it.
    in Liam Gallagher Comment by Derek_R June 2
  • I have a thing for gypsy jazz. Can't play it, but it's fun trying. The lead side of things is pretty much all arpeggios, and I quite enjoy learning them, and twisting them inside out (sometimes deliberately) when trying to fashion lead lines.
  • They've not filed for bankruptcy, though, but bankruptcy protection. No idea what this is, but I assume it buys them some breathing space.
  • But why should anyone want to listen to it is what baffles me. Why would anyone who was aged 50+ want to listen to the music we listened to when we were 15 ? I'me sure my dad used to say it was rubbish. The kids relate to the music and to the perfor…
  • The thing with pop music is that it's so generational - there is absolutely nothing in today' pop music that inspires me to listen to it, and why should there be? I'm at the far end of middle age. Pop music should be, and is, about teenagers. With t…
  • Hmmm. Does nothing for me, I'm afraid. But then again, neither did Led Zep.
  • Poor Alfie's got a bad leg and, unrelated, a hernia. Won't be any walks for a while:-(
  • Left Alfie at home and went for a bike ride, today.
  • He's not keen to go out today!
  • I walk the dog twice a day, too. The thing is, there are so many things that one could do if one can spare half an hour a day. There are language tapes that assure you in just 30 minutes a day you could learn Italian. Or master chess. Or calculus.…
  • Yo have 20 -30 minutes a day spare?! I'm in the wrong job ;-)
  • I've walked the dog in the snow, Kevin, that's about it. Itching to get out there with my camera, but one of the benefits of my job is I can work from home... so whilst everyone else in the red zone is out playing, I'm in working. Maybe tomorrow mor…
    in Derek Trucks Comment by Derek_R March 2
  • Never owned a Gibson, though I borrowed a cherry red 335 one summer to do some rock'n'roll gigs and really didn't like it all - went back to my Tele and Strat. But there are a couple of Gibsons I fancy - like Kevin, I'm a J45 fan, and I also fancy a…
  • Hey Nicholas. Yes, I agree with fame (or the lack of it) for myself - I'm happy enough to be obscure and not need such validation (and I don't have 1% of the talent for it anyway). But I think it's a shame for those that do yearn for, and deserve, t…
  • One from last night, just before the gig, I call this "Ready, Willing and Able" after a Fats Domino song we do in Set 2:
  • No shame in that Lester. That's great! I have no issue with anyone using backing tracks or even miming as long as they're upfront about it and aren't trying to convince audiences that they're doing something that they're not. We - the audiences - ca…
  • I believe that as we age so we lose the ability to hear higher frequencies - so I wonder if when I adjust the tone controls on my electric guitar amp am I compensating for all those highs that I no longer hear by turning the top up too much and cre…
  • Here'a my Alfie Album over at Flickr. Bless him!
  • Always a good read, this thread, Megi. And some lovely playing by your friend a few posts back. I know it goes against the grain of the thread but I am a "tone is in the fingers" person. In my acoustic wanderings of the last few years I've played a…
  • Ahhh. This place is still here, I see! One day I will have something interesting to say :-) Alas, that day is not today.
  • Jocko! Great to see you, however briefly. I was getting worried as you hadn't been on the photography site either. I shall relax now.
  • There's a stage 7 for me - it comes about three weeks after Kevin's stage 6 Stage 7: realise you've forgotten it already
  • More pics! This time from Brighton, where I had a look around the incredibly vast GAK. One could spend a fortune on guitars there!
  • Still doing a bit of photography in-between fingerpicking old country songs. Last weekend I managed a 100 mile bike ride and took a little camera with me. Here's a couple that came out not bad. Sunrise: River Wye: Severn Bridge: