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  • I'm not really pushing it very far out there, Kevin. These day I keep hearing people who are so good I feel rather deflated. I've taken up painting instead!
  • Nice one, Steve. Hope you're well! Derek
  • I've cut right back on the gigging front, too. After a couple of years that have been my busiest ever I now have one of my quietest - just six in the diary. Three were theatres with the rock'n'roll show. They were all great. It's a really good band,…
  • It's hard to remember sounds, but I do recall once hearing a Dan Crary track and thinking it was the nicest sounding acoustic I've ever heard. That was a Taylor. I suspect if I put it up against other tracks I might not feel the same these days, but…
  • Excellent.
    in Angus Young Comment by Derek_R March 12
  • I went to Monsters of Rock in 81 - AC/DC were headlining then, too, but I can't recall hardly anything of it. I do remember Blue Oyster Cult were awful and Slade were great. I used to be into AC/DC back in the day (well, around 81, I guess - which …
    in Angus Young Comment by Derek_R March 11
  • The amount of tail-gating I see on the motorways on my commute is truly scary. Some of these guys must be brilliant drivers with the reactions of house flies to be as close to the car in front as they are at the speeds they are doing. Don't get too …
  • Thoroughly enjoying Vintage Cool this evening - it's kicking The Voice well into touch. Great stuff!
  • I've bought a number of CDs by professional artists and have been disappointed that they don't sound like the live You Tube clips that led me to buy the CDs in the first place. I think a lot of people get in the studio and think "Great, we can add d…
  • Interesting stuff, guys. I've been halfheartedly looking at these type of guitars recently, and there are a few in the Ibanez range that appeal. I think I'm a few years away, though. Wouldn't use one in anger enough to warrant it at the mo', but am …
  • Merry moist Christmas one and all. Hoping for some peace on earth.
  • Prison cell workouts? Anything you want to tell us, Kevin?
  • Second hand, Kevin.
    in My Lad Comment by Derek_R December 2018
  • Yes, I have the sapele version - it's badged 00015 inside. But you're right - a lot cheaper. Mine was £500. Bargain, I think.
    in My Lad Comment by Derek_R December 2018
  • I use a Tech 21 Flyrig now. Best piece of kit I've bought in years. I can walk into a gig with guitar in one hand, bag in the other, and that's it. I still use an AER Compact 60 for acoustic gigs, and I doubt I'll ever sell my Laney VC30 as there a…
  • Yep, Bangalore Torpedoes
  • There's an image in the film of German barbed wire defences. In my ignorance I always thought that the barbed wire defences would have been simply several reels of barbed wire deep - still not easy to get through, especially under shell, mortar, mac…
  • I had something similar when I saw Art Blakey. I should have been old enough by then (mid/late teens) to appreciate it. I loved it, but I'm not sure I appreciated it as I should have done. I recall when Art introduced the band the players were from…
  • I'm a big fan of Dan Carlin's Hardcore Histories and his series on WW1 is just immense. When he was describing a soldier who was trapped in mud at Paschendale and no-one could get to him, and he couldn't get out of the mud, and there was just nothin…
  • Another gorgeous J45 on this video: Must confess I don't understand the technical side of how Russ has set this up - the Fishman pedal uses a sample of the guitar and then the pick-up triggers that sample..?!
  • I've got my dreadnought out this week and I agree totally. I usually flatpick on it (which is what I've been doing this week) but by heck the fingerpicking sounds nice on it. So rich and resonant.
  • Joe Pass played one of the greatest two solos I've ever heard. It was during a gig he played whilst backing Ella Fitzgerald. Can't recall the song, just remember the solo being so darn good. The other solo in my top two was played by Ry Cooder.
  • Is there still a death metal scene in Scandinavia where it (the scene) gets really dark? I recall many years ago there were churches being burned down and all sorts.
  • As I mentioned in the other thread, check out David Grier. Also, never try and uphold the argument that Django was a flatpicker. The flatpickers don't like it (as I found out).
  • You're a bluegrass flat-picker at heart!
  • I do a fair bit of cycling, although not as much as many these days. Got up to 100 miles last autumn, but this year my longest ride has been 56. I've actually been concentrating on short, sharp, but very steep hills. I'm lucky that within 15 minutes…
  • I agree. Excellent stuff. If you like this style then you'll love David Grier.
    in Wow ! Comment by Derek_R October 2018
  • I can imagine. I have two from the TW series - the 40 and the 60. Both wonderful guitars. I bought both mine second hand for a lot less. Wish I'd picked up a 73 when they were affordable, too.
  • Cheers chaps. Yes, that TW40 is lovely - the extra mm width on the neck is great for fingerstyle.
  • Cheers guys! I don't think I'll ever nail it properly, but this is close enough for the time being :-)