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  • I have a Mooer Acoustikar. The best I can say for it is that it's OK. I'd use it for a pub gig if I couldn't be bothered to take an acoustic rig as well, because a lot of punters wouldn't know the difference, but not in my wildest dreams does it a…
  • hi, thanks for your help so far, I intend to use audacity to record my playing, what other recording software do you guys use/ recommend ? bluesfloyd.
  • What's your budget, bluesfloyd? hi, i would say £200 that would get me up and running yes/no ???? all the best, bluesfloyd
  • hi guys,                  many thanks for the above posts, lots of answers about my first question, lots of advice for me to try, i am sure i can get my amp tone sounding better now,          all the best, bluesfloyd.
  • hi guys,                I started this thread asking about the strymon timeline pedal being hand built,what's really on my mind is that I have narrowed my delay pedal search down to, eventide timefactor or strymon timeline , mainly for the large ban…
  • hi, esblonde          many thanks for the above post, a big help already, I play pink Floyd stuff and buying gear to match that sound/tone etc. I know Gilmour uses compressors, so getting input from you guys all helps me learn,          all the best…