Invest in a good EQ pedal

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Next time you are agonising over what to buy for your guitar....

Invest in a good EQ pedal. I recently bought a used GE7 Boss EQ pedal and am SO pleased with it.

An EQ pedal gives you VAST control over your sound and is one of those 'have it in the guitar case' answers to many tonal problems. I've used mine in the last two days to re-record guitar and bass parts on my CD and also at a gig to avoid low-end boominess.

Great stuff, just make sure you know how to use one!



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    I've got an EQ distortion pedal which basically should give me good control over my Distorted sound... Unfortunately I dont know much about EQ so I have to fiddle about for ages to get it to sound anything like I want it to \:o
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    All I know is if you want to sound metalica-esuqe or trashy then you should make it look like this \/. Get rid of the mid.

    And for a more bljusey sound more mid and less high.

    James, you've given me GAS now. must.. look.... at....... catalouge... can't.. resist. \:\)
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