L&M guitar course and a tutor?

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Afternoon all, I have a quick question.

I have purchased the L&M guitar course, it should arrive tomorrow fingers crossed and i am eager to get started. But my question is, do you think it is worthwhile getting a tutor at the same time as i am about to begin the L&M guitar course?

I am unsure if they will teach things differently to the L&M course, or if they will complement each other, so i thought id see what peoples thoughts were here.



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    If it was me I'd see how I got on with the course alone to start with - if you then find there are things in the course that don't make sense, or you need help/advice to achieve, then maybe a tutor is a good idea. But it seems to me one idea behind this course is that it works on it's own, and in some ways is designed to be a bit like having a teacher there for you anyway. So yes, I'd wait a while, and see if you do need a teacher.
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    As Megi says, it would be useful (and far cheaper) to see how you get on with the course (and the student support forum, Steve Krenz's live sessions and other helps) before employing a teacher. If you do go down the teacher route, there is a teacher's guide and DVD so that the teacher can, as a pro, direct you along the L&MG course rather than go off in his own unrelated direction. I bought the teacher's pack in May and it cost me £31.54 with p&p from the L&MG web site.
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    I do both but feel that the one does not compliment the other. If I was you, I'd follow Megi's advice and give L & M a try first.
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    Lester. Can you post a link to the Teacher's pack?
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    Oddly, I cannot. On the forum folk say you need to contact the office - service@legacylearningsystems.com - to request it as normally it is part of the Home School edition which is the full course plus the 68 page teacher's guide and 2 teacher's DVDs. It is available separately as I bought the course last year and the teacher's pack 2 months ago.
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    Thanks. That is why I couldn't find it.
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    How is the learning coming along, zoglug? How far are you through the L&M course? Did you get a tutor? Did he help with the course or has he taught you different things? And, based on your experience, would you recommend either the L&MG course or a private tutor?
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    does this course do anything that Justin Sandercoe's free ones don't do??
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    I haven't done Justin's course so I cannot compare them.

    Learn & Master Guitar, L&MG is a course of 20 sessions with 20 workshops that take you deeper into each topic. They start at the beginning and it seems to be a general estimate that the whole course will take about 2 years to work right through. It covers chords, notes, TAB, music score, rhythms, fingerpicking, country, blues, jazz and more.

    Steve Krenz, the tutor, also hosts a weekly live session on a video channel, posts a monthly newsletter covering a particular topic (eg. a recent one was how to play faster, another was a look at Travis Picking) and access to discounted deals if you wish to take any of these further.

    And then there is a support forum for students to interact. As you can start and progress through the course at your pace there are always folk on the forum ahead you, and that can helpful for asking questions. Steve, the tutor is on the forum too.

    And there's more.

    With L&MG the price is at the start, buying the pack of 20 DVDs. After that is it free apart from if you wish to pursue a particular line and buy further materials or one of Steve's other courses, such as L&M Fingerpicking, L&M Blues, and (I think, still in the making), L&M Jazz which dive into their respective topics deeper.

    My peception is that Justin's course works in a different way and whilst it is free at the outset, there are materials that can be purchased. Justin's reputation is second to none. Steve Krenz's is, in my opinion, probably equal or approaching equal as he is a passionate, capable, gifted and resourceful teacher.

    What they both have in common is that they are both working pro players who also teach, rather than only being teachers.

    I wouldn't like to say one method, one course, is better than the other.
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    Justin's beginners course has 99 free videos followed by another 60 odd in the intermediate course. This along with hundreds of other structured lessons on every style you could wish for makes it the best resource on the internet bar none, IMO. All of this for nothing! Justin is an absolute legend for providing this.

    There are additional materials that you can purchase if you want to, but it's not necessary. :)
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