Epiphone Special II with a cable tie around the nut

Hi I have seen a guitar that has a cable tie around the nut. I assume the nut is knackered some how. Is it an easy (ish) job to replace. I am new to guitars and I am thinking of getting this guitar to learn everything from chords, repairs to upgrades before I spend big money on a top guitar once I can play and repair it. It is an Epiphone Special II and if I can get it as cheap as possible, then I wont be annoyed if I bugger it up. Thanks for any help


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    Have a look and see how easy it is to find a replacement nut for that guitar and how much it costs etc,a quick look at ebay may help you there.

    You can get nuts in different materials,bone is generally regarded as the best material but resin and plastic are available as are more exotic materials.

    You need to get a nut the same width as the one in there now and with the same string spacings and when you're fitting it the easiest thing to do is overdo the sanding to size to the point where you've knackered up a perfectly good nut.

    Then there are Brazils,which I quite like and I'm sure there'll be some far more qualified folks than I along in a minute to put you right on all the things I just said.

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    Replacing a nut is easy.  Cutting the slots to the correct width and depth, if you do not have the right tools, is a different matter.  I often buy nuts here.


    They are precut, so makes getting it right a lot easier.

    I think the standard Gibson type, 43mm, is what you require.

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