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Hey, I've recently started playing the classical guitar again after learning in my childhood, incredibly rusty and not at all knowledgeable! Recently purchased a Valencia to start off with and was hoping I could get some recommendations on good strings to purchase? I've read a few good reviews on Adagio strings but was hoping for some advice!?




  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    It's a good few years since I played classical guitar so I'm not up to date really. I seem to recall I often used Savarez brand FWIW.

    However, here's a link to a site with suggestions as to how to hone in on a good choice of string - there's also a tip on making the set of strings last twice as long with a procedure for treating bass strings.
    Selecting Classical Guitar Strings
  • eightiesbabyeightiesbaby Posts: 2Member
    Thanks Mark, it's a really interesting article and has certainly given me some ideas to get cracking with! I think I'll give the savarez a go along with a few other :-)
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,190Member
    If you find string noise/squeal annoying with a classical guitar, I can recommend the D'Addario Pro Arte EJ45LP or EJ46LP (normal and hard tension) lightly polished sets - good sounding and last very well too. I did once try a set of Savarez lightly polished classical strings, complete with carbon trebles (quite expensive!) but I found the bass strings were not very durable - the outer windings wore through over the frets. But just my experience of course!
  • webby93webby93 Posts: 79Member
    Augustine black strings are great on my classical. But thats after about 3 years of experiments \:P
  • SwebSweb Posts: 35Member

    There's some discussion about strings in this link. It's a work in progress. Some strings are available as flat-wounds. They are discussed in this link as well.

    The rule of thumb:

    Lower tension adds tone, higher tension adds volume. The quality of sound on a classical guitar is about 99% guitar, 1% strings.
  • lukehlukeh Posts: 48Member
    It doesn't matter, you can put any strings you like (metal or nylon one). For a beginner it doesn't matter eek
  • Mark 123Mark 123 Posts: 121Member
    It'll matter to the guitar, lukeh! Classical guitar necks are designed for the tension provided by nylon strings. Steel strings will slowly warp the neck.
  • EdPEdP Posts: 5Member
    Your choice of guitar strings really depends on the guitar itself. For example, a cedar top classical guitar may suit a certain make of strings better than a spruce top classical guitar. There's no fathomable science to it, you just have to test out some different brands and see what you like the sound of.

    Be sure to try out different tensions as well, this can make a huge difference to the sound and playability.

    Here are a few hints to get you started, but by no means a comprehensive list:

    D'Addario: The most consistently decent strings I've found.
    Savarez: My personal favourites are the Savarez corum high tension guitar strings. More expensive than D'Addario but worth it.
    Galli: I liked these for a while but went off them. Think I was using the 'Titanio' strings.
    Hannabach: I went through a phase of using the 'Goldin' strings. If you fall for these strings prepare to remortgage your house.
    Luthier: These might be worth a shot. I used these for about 6 months on the recommendation of my guitar teacher. Some sets were great, others were dead. Rather inconsistent but you might get lucky with a good set.

    Hope this is enough to get you started, enjoy!

  • Soft PluckerSoft Plucker Posts: 55Member
    You should never put steel strings on a classical guitar - steel strings exert five times the tension of nylon. Can you imagine the damage that would do?
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