Segovia at Los Olivos

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On Friday 28 March on "Sky Arts 2" they're showing "Segovia at Los Olivos"  (10.10am).  Not much of a subject for a topic really, but it's so seldom shown that I thought I'd draw the attention of those interested to it lest they missed it. So don't forget to programme your Sky +, or the DVD - whatever!


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    Thanks for that, I've never seen this!

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    In that case I'd better keep an eye out for "Segovia - Song of the Guitar" in case anybody's missed that.  That really is a fine recital, I've got it on Sky +, DVD and Video cassette, just in case!


    In a similar vein they're also showing "Slash - Made in Stoke" on Sky Arts 1 on Thursday  at 12.30 pm (i.e. lunchtime).  Both in their own line superb exponents of their craft.  When all's said and done, it's all music innit?  'Swot I fink, anyway!

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    Re the above - I find most classical aficionados still love good rock music, whereas those exclusively devoted to rock tend to be pretty contemptuous of classical.


    Last night for instance I was listening to a tape I'd done of a Radio 3 recital of Segovia broadcast just after his death.  His rendition of Boccherini's Cello Concerto in E transposed for guitar I concluded was almost certainly the most divinely exquisite piece of music ever performed!


    When it finished I began to think of my nineteen seventies self going to see The Who, Elton John, Status Quo and Rod Stewart etc etc. I had to laugh at the incongruity of it, how contemptuous my seventies self would have been of my 21st century self!

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    Hi Soft Plucker.  It's an interesting observation.


    To be honest though, I think it's more a case of accessibility.  I too would never have gone to any classical concert.  Not because of the music but because of the people.   40 years ago there was still a massive snobbery surrounding classical music and associated areas such as Opera and Ballet.  Turning up in my 3 inch stacks, 18 inch flared Wranglers and T shirt, I would have been massively looked down upon by the assembled stuffed shirts.  Nobody would really give a damn these days.  And there's far more places (like t'interweb) where you can seek out stuff you've caught snatches of rather than running the gauntlet of sniggers eminating from the twinset and pearls manning (manning is the right word) the classical section of the local record emporium while you're trying to hum "it went like this".


    Not the music, the people!  I since of course found out that as with most areas in life there are generally few real experts.  And those are the people, the real enthusiasts, that would welcome you with open arms and willingly share their enthusiasm without prejudice.  Unfortunately these enthusiasts only ever seem to make up a very small percentage of people you come across.  Most of the rest are pseuds and wannabe (or actual) critics.  Unfortunately there's still a few people (thankfully diminishing) like this in the Folk world, and the Jazz world used to be full of 'em when I was a member at Ronnie Scotts 30 odd years ago.


    That's why I didn't get into classical until later in life.  Didn't get much exposure (well, not to music) in the Secondary Modern I attended either


    Cheers, Reg.

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