Tuner Buttons Question

I bought a US Pro Series Tele last year and I like everything about it, except the tuners; they have the larger tuner buttons that Strats have and whilst they look ok on a Strat, I prefer the oval/butterbean type found on Teles.

I bought a set of replacement buttons on Axetec which arrived today, only to find that the diameter of the hole is too small (they are 3.6mm buttons).

Any ideas on what size diameter I need, or where to get buttons of this size?

Thanks in advance.


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,730Member, Moderator
    I am guessing you bought TBOH03 tuner buttons.

    StewMac's tuners have a 0.249" shaft (because Fender is an American company and so still measures in inches) which is 6.32mm.

    What size shaft do your tuners have?

    Do you know whether you have vintage or modern type tuners? Vintage types use 11/32" holes. Modern types use 13/32".
  • martinsmith99martinsmith99 Posts: 390Member
    Yes, those are the tuner buttons I bought. I've no idea what size my tuners are, but the shafts are bigger that the new buttons' holes.
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