Audio Technica ath m40x headphones

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I wanted some headphones to link to my Alexa and Sony came out as the best at £200 (thereabouts)

I had a black swan come along in the form of a car repair and so ended up looking for some basics with wired link to my PC in order to cut costs. Sadly I can't use my choice with the unwired vacuum cleaner I bought last month.

Well. Humdimmigdy ! Not only did these turn out to be an economy buy they turned out to be the BEST choice ever.

These babies deliver about the best audio impact ever. EVER. (Am I using the word EVER too much ???)

I've been testing them all sorts of things and here are two:


And if the headphones you are using don't shake you out of your boots then you need to buy the ones I'm using at a measly £80 with long as you're prepared to sit in one spot.

The vacuuming will have to wait.

(I was fortunate enough to see a space shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral and this sound is IT. It brought it all back to me. I have the photo to prove it.)


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    I'm a bit of a headphone audio enthusiast myself - a hobby that I've got into in the last couple of years. Have never tried them, but have only ever heard good things said about those ATs, do enjoy them! :)
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