PRS SE Repair / Mod / Up Grade electronics help.

Hi All, its been ages.
So 7 years in and my PRS SE C24 is still going strong, some lovely play wear but still very usable, however the pots are now getting very noisy and even after a good clean out they are scratchy and the push pull is loose.

So I am going to replace both Pots and remove the push pull and look at having minim toggles instead so I can have other p/up options such as Neck H/Bucker - Bridge S/Coil to give more sound options.

Can some of you lovely folks give me some advice please.

Which Pots should I go for seeing as the P/Ups are H/Buckers but can split do I go 500K or 250K, also what brand would you recommend - CTS?

Also I plan to use mini toggles - so do I need on/on or on/off/on.. the options are endless, I haven't fully investigated the cavity of my guitar yet but know there is plenty of room.

Advice and assistance greatly appreciated.

Regards Jon


  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 995Member
    I have to admit that I have 500k pots in guitars with coil splits and haven’t had any issues. You could try 300k, or use a resistor to cut the value of the 500 down to 250 just when you split the coils. Like this guy did - I just did a quick Google for this, because I’ve heard of people doing this before. You could probably find other posts that make more sense, or have better drawn diagrams! Anyway, that’s the idea.
    Here are some good folks on the Seymour Duncan forum chatting about it.
    There are some super knowledgeable people there.

    Regarding brands, I’ve never found a definitive answer. Some like Bourns and some like CTS. I’ve never had problems with CTS.

    For the mini toggles, you make as well go three way. You can always change back to two way if they are too much. I’ve used this site a TON over the years :
    Yea, there are a couple of options there!
    Have you considered a rotary switch? I have a 6 way on a strat type guitar, so it looks like I just have the normal three knobs and no pickup selector. (Volume, tone and rotary). It’s a bit different to what you want, but with three pickups I also get neck and bridge. As you can see on, there are a few rotary options to consider too.

    The hardest thing I found was making a decision and sticking with it!
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