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I have a question someone may be able to answer.
Yesterday I drove through a Gatso speed camera, one I pass at least once a week, and it flashed me. I was driving at the limit posted, 50 mph, and there was no other vehicles in my carriageway. On examining the dash cam video footage it shows my GPS speed as 49 mph, Close examination of the video frames show that when the first flash went off I was at least 20 feet short of the lines in the road. I was astride the lines when the second flash occurred. Does this mean it was not me that triggered the camera? There was a Transit van that appears to be travelling fast in the opposite carriageway, but it doesn't trip the camera on that side. Why I say it was travelling fast was it was sailing past the cars in lane 1 and most drivers slow to just below the limit to pass the cameras. This is on a two lane motorway.
As I have driven for 50+ years, without so much as a parking ticket, a speeding ticket would be a Christmas present I wouldn't enjoy receiving!


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    Annoying - I'll be interested to see what happens, but I do hope, and suspect, that this kind of incorrect triggering of the camera happens fairly often, and the image produced/speed recorded etc. will make it clear that it's an error, and no attempt to prosecute will be forthcoming. And keep your video footage for now! :)
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    Despite copying the video to my laptop I have kept the untouched original on the camera card. Luckily, at the time the camera went off, I had the presence of mind to press the button that puts it in a protected folder, so it cannot get overwritten.
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    Gatsos have to be calibrated regularly.

    I've been a test train driver recently and one of the things has been train positioning and approach to stations. The GPS is not 100% accurate.

    That said, you can't have been far over the limit. It could have been another car, as you say.

    Several things here. In England the police have 14 days to issue you a Notice of Intended Prosecution - if they don't do this you can use it as a defence but you must comply with the request to send them your driving licence.

    If you do get a NIP be sure to tell your insurers right away - my wife got her insurance cancelled over a silly 5mph speeding offence because she waited several weeks after the points were put on her licence. We could not get her reinsured until after a lengthy process in which we proved the insurers wrong. They barely educate their own staff these days and we were victims of the 'computer says no' culture.

    Personally I would not contest a speeding fine unless it was an obvious mistake. The reason being that going to court can be costly, especially if you lose. And face it. If you're anything like the average driver, keeping up with the flow of traffic, then you're likely to be speeding more often than not.

    We have to take the odd ticket on the chin sometimes.

    Someone has to pay those lovely police retirements at 50 don't they !
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    I don't speed. I do not even exceed 20 mph limits, as a thousand drivers who have followed me through Edinburgh will testify. If I am prosecuted I will plead not guilty and if the case goes against me I will refuse to pay the fine. As a pensioner, over 70 years old I will happily go to prison. At least I will be fed and kept warm, two things I struggle to do in my rented, furnished flat. And if costs are awarded against me I will just declare myself bankrupt. I am almost there anyway.
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    B-b-b- but what about the police retirement fund ???

    Good luck, Jocko.

    I'll start a crowd fund for you if you go inside and you can borrow the book on Prison Cell Workouts that I'm getting for Christmas.

    I'm about to dedicate a post to you. Look out for it.
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    Prison cell workouts? Anything you want to tell us, Kevin?
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    Well it doesn't look like I am going to be doing any gaol time. It is now well past the 14 days set for sending out a Notice of Intended Prosecution, even allowing for delays to the Royal Mail brought on by Christmas and New Year. Still. it was disconcerting at the time.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,103Member
    I think you're OK then.
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