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First this week was Taylor Swift - now it's Kanye (don't get me on Bono.)

It's good to have one saying Trump is rubbish and the other saying Trump is great because now I can say quite impartially "Why is what you think on politics more reliable than my mechanic ?"

Whatever political leanings... what makes musicians so political ? In fact a high proportion of music is political, very much of it I would say.

I was watching the coloured in footage of WW1 soldiers and all of them were jolly.. the music was jolly and light hearted... I'm sure there was a lot of media manipulation going on but even those who had seen battle seemed jolly.

Today everything's so miserable. Radio 1. You'd think everyone had just come out of some cataclysmic event such as WW1 or WW2 listening to the hopelessness in the bereft voices but they haven't.

The best of times brings the saddest music - the worst of times the happiest.

Not strictly true, as anyone who has been to a Remembrance service will know but I'm sure you'll know what I mean.


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