Fly Rig 5

In the band we have a very good PA system - it's pro level kit with a very good mixing desk and power amps and EQ units and monitors and all sorts. It's all a bit beyond me, to be honest. But I always mike the guitar amp up and run it through the PA. So at the last gig I got to thinking, in this day and age, with amp modellers and suchlike, why do I even need an amp? So I invested in a Fly Rig 5 - it's about the size of a cribbage board, and is stark raving brilliant. I plug the guitar into the Fly Rig, the Fly Rig into the PA. Job done. It actually sounds better than my guitar amp and it fits in my bag of leads. Wouldn't be any good without a decent PA and monitors, but for our band - brilliant. And highly recommended.


  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
    Just looked that one up, and it sounds like an excellent bit of kit Derek - it's basically the same thing I do with my Line 6 Helix LT. No need for guitar amps, mics, and a simple setup that always sounds good. Some amazing new kit that's out there these days.
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