top five compressors

hi guys,
i play blues and classic rock using a strat with three single coils pickups, what compressors would you guys recommend me buy? price for me no problem,
thanks for your time,


  • MegiMegi Posts: 6,953Member
    I'm really unqualified to answer this :D - but I had a TC Electronic Hypergravity digital compressor pedal for a while, which I found quite good, except perhaps a tad noisy on high compression levels (although it could go to higher compression than many others, so perhaps unfair) and also a bit cold-sounding somehow.

    Before that I had a cheapo Behringer CS100 (or was it a CS300?) - a 4 control one, supposedly a clone of the 4 control Boss one. Anyhow, it wasn't bad, except it didn't have enough gain, which meant it was impossible to avoid a volume drop if using a low level of compression - so not good there, also, it could be noisy at high compression level. I'm sure the actual Boss one is a lot better.

    Another one I had for a bit was a Juan Solo (a UK hand maker of pedals) one, using an improved MXR dynacomp/Ross compressor type circuit - of the three I had, that was probably the best in a way - certainly the warmest sounding. Not as versatile as the Hypergravity though, but what it did, it did nicely.

    Then I started going in for multi-effects units more - I had a Boss MS3 for a bit, and was surprised to find I liked the built-in compressor on that considerably more than anything else I'd had before - it did a range of different compressor types, and seemed to do everything well, with little noise. I still think that was a great unit, but now I've switched to a Line 6 Helix, and that has an excellent range of compressor models also. They all seem very good indeed, but I really like the "LA Studio Compressor" model.
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