Finally a solo classical album

MarkbluesMarkblues Posts: 107Member
Dear friends here on the forum. I've been quite for a while now but for good reason. I've been juggling a house sale, gigs abroad and the recording of an album. I'm delighted to tell you all that at least the album is complete :) 1 out of three I guess. On that note, I hope you don't mind me giving it a little plug here. Well, I've recorded a solo classical guitar album called 'Laid Back' and contains 11 tracks including some of my own arrangements of well known classical tunes. I've put my twist on each one and I hope some of you check it out. It is only available on CD though until March 18th. Some funky album art work to upset all the stuffy classical elite and bring them back down to earth :) Here is the cover


If you fancy a copy, I have CDs on my website

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