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    I do like a bit of chorus myself, although haven't tried any that you list. I've heard that on at least the first album, Andy Summers got his "chorus" sound actually using an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress flanger pedal, just out of interest.

    People on the other UK forum I look at have said very nice things about that TC Afterglow chorus - I think that may be genuine analog bucket brigade technology, which you don't find that often these days, and the price is certainly attractive.

    I also very much like the look of the TC 3rd Dimension, which is basically a clone of the no-longer made Boss Dimension C chorus, another classic 80's pedal, perhaps add that to your short list? :)

  • Ninja_RebornNinja_Reborn Posts: 124Member
    I was quite impressed by the Afterglow - I know it's basically a beringer in metal box, but I get the impression TC have worked some tweaks into it.
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 918Member
    Waylon, you used the word cheap.
    I've been very pleased with the DanElectro Cool Kat chorus. Sturdy plastic case, decent classic sound and you can push it with humbuckers to get that slightly warm thick early chorus that is quite musical. Modern high end pedals try to avoid that and go Hi-Fi, for me a flanger gets me that cleaner more defined tone and the chorus is more 'of the tone' if that makes any sense.
    Note: I bought one years ago and it travelled on my pedal board for 3 yeras before failing, I had a gig pending so ordered another (it is cheap). After swapping it out I took the bottom off the old unit to look, all the problem was a small multipin connector had come off the PCB. I re-attached it and now I have two Chorus pedals. No other issues.
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    Check out the line 6 M5. It will emulate any flanger or chorus you like and give you the option of being able to twiddle knobs at will. Amazing value for money.
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