Harley Benton Acoustics

Ninja_RebornNinja_Reborn Posts: 117Member
I know we have some HB players on her (I have one of their Jazz Basses which is great).

Has anyone had experience on their acoustics? I've seen a few reviews on YouTube (Henning Pauly has a few). I'm kind of considering trying a dreadnought to see how I get on with the bigger body size.


  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 805Member
    If you are into budget dreadnoughts you need to play some Sigma guitars. They do Martin copies and at one point they were owned by Martin themselves and only sold again in recent years. I think they are imported by a German distributor and are highly regarded for thier price point.
    Theres a Sigma DR-28H on gumtree atm for under £250, I have no relationship with the brand or seller.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,779Member
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    Harley Benton are ultra low priced guitars in the £100 range. Sigma is about £300 these days.

    I've never tried one of the HBs.

    A great sub £100 guitar is the Epiphone DR 100 in natural varnished wood finish (not the stained version, black or sunburst.)

    Around £180 is the Vintage V300 MH which is an utterly stunning professional grade guitar. The mahogany version is much better than the spruce top - it's purports to be a OOO but has an outline and sound as big as my dread; a nice deep body and wide lower bout, curved top and back. I'm sorely tempted to get one after buying one for my boy.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 573Member
    I've seen and heard all the HB hype but haven't got my hands on one, yet. The prices are so low you'd be crazy not too, really. If they have a decent return policy I'd say they would be worth the plunge. But I'm thinking electrics. Acoustics are a different thing altogether, and you really have to play them. As you know. These days, you can't go by the price any more, either. There are some amazing instruments for next to nothing. I played a Revelation T*l*c*st*r the other day and it was just incredible. £249. Perfect.
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