Why have one car when you can have two ?

Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
Got meself a '15 plate Suzuki Alto with only 5k on the clock. Gleaming like new. £4,700. No MOT. Manufacturers warranty No road tax !!!

My Skoda Octavia 11 plate only cost me £6,000k two years ago. So...

Two stonking cars for £10,700 that cover a multitude of purposes - motorway, camping, commuting, trips to the village... beach...

A camp this year we'll take both - the Alto will act as a self propelling trailer. The lad's can drive some gear in it for us.

Yet I know people who shell out £25k for one saloon. I really don't get it.


  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
    So where is my Gibson J45 guitar ???
  • MegiMegi Posts: 6,877Member
    Go and get that J45 I say Kevin, life is too short - have a day out in one of those nice cars, go somewhere you can try a few, and get a nice one. Congrats on the new Suzuki, sounds great. :)
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 718Member
    Megi said:

    Go and get that J45 I say Kevin, life is too short - have a day out in one of those nice cars, go somewhere you can try a few, and get a nice one. Congrats on the new Suzuki, sounds great. :)

    Absolutely. We will be sitting here waiting until we see a video of you playing one, and a photocopy of the receipt
    POIDH (pictures or it didn't happen!)
  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 764Member
    A man's collection isn't complete without a J-45
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 718Member

    A man's collection isn't complete without a J-45

    Nothing about a man is complete without a J45, let alone his collection.
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    Have also splashed out on a car this weekend Kevin, in my case I traded in my Octavia just over 4 years after I bought it. Never intended to keep it that long but it was such a reliable and economic motor I just kept it, brilliant all rounder. Until at 137,000 miles I suspected the clutch (and dual mass flywheel) needed expensive attention in the near future and it could do with the cam belt again, so It got traded in.
    I elected to get a newer Volvo Xc60 with it's extensive load capacity and slightly softer ride for my ageing bones. Herself still has a Clio that is old but low mileage and again cheap to maintain. I added a tow hook to get more versatility out of lugging too. Not looking forward to new tyres on the volve though!

    I've still not got a J45 either!!!
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
    He he !

    I was reading that it's not worth the repairs below a certain economic value. If the car gets written off in a minor prang the payout will fall short of the work you've had done on it. And an older car just gets more and more expensive to keep going.

    Best to bail out when it gets to this stage.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
    The Xc60 is an EXCELLENT car.
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 830Member

    The Xc60 is an EXCELLENT car.

    I kinda took a flyer with it. We liked the ride, the safety/ENcap and the volvo reputation and I didn't spent too long reading reviews. As is turns out subsequently I really like the car. The rear boot has no lip (although its higher than average), the seats fold absolutely flat as 20% (centre) 60%, 40% or 100%. The rear center seat has a pop up headrest or a fold down tray and a fold out 2 drinks holder. Independent air control and 12v socket. Plus the rear seats have two pop up child booster seats built in. All that without getting behind the wheel! I think it's gonna be a great gigging vehicle even though I don't do so much these days.

    Thinking back to the old cars we started driving all those years ago, a tool kit wrapped in an oily rag was essential to get to work some days!

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member

    The ENcap rating on the Suzuki is a measly 3. I can see side airbags becoming compulsory. But it's still a darn site safer than a motorbike and infinitely better than my first car.

    Those were the days (oily rags.) I remember cars with threadbare tyres, no seat belts, none safety glass windscreens and rotted floor pans so that you could see the road passing underneath when in the passenger seat.

    Next door's beautiful daughter ended up with a pock marked face after her boy racer bf ran out of what limited talent he had on a corner. This was a regular sight - disfigurement.

    One family car we had was actually a van - with a settee shoved in the back for us kids. We used to slide around in the back when cornering.

    Apart from the deaths and the injuries...those were the days !
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
    My previous Suzuki has cost me £32 a month to buy over 13 years. It's still going and I'm sure I could use it but it's looking really tatty and I'm loathe to invest too much in it.

    I'm going to patch the exhaust and put a new wing mirror on it, get it a long MOT and put a sticker in the window to see how much I can sell it for. £300 starters maybe.

    Great little car and the first one I've grown emotionally attached to. You find that with the Alto's - the owners become big fans of them even if the car pundits don't. Owner reviews are always a lot higher than expert reviews.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
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    I took delivery of the Alto two days ago and it's a fun little car. A thrummy three pot engine and a large windscreen vista giving the impression that one's driving an old VW Beetle. It zips around really nicely and keeps up with the traffic up to legal limits and beyond (I assume.)

    Yes. Very basic. But it has four doors even if you don't get four wind down windows. The radio is s*** and the dash is all hard and plasticky... but neat and very durable. It's a bit annoying to have to lean over to do the passenger window but we had to do that in the '70s too and at least both fronts are electric.

    Aircon ? Open the windows. Four sound speakers ? Ah. That will be the upgraded version of the car you want, Sir.

    No tax to pay, low servicing costs, tyres 25 quid each - fully comp at £150 a year and a very real 65mpg.

    Most of the motorbikes I've had have been more expensive to run. Only the Honda C90 returns better economy than this.

    I'm very impressed but had money been no object an extra two grand gets you the same plate and mileage for a Kia Picanto which is a better car - but if I'd gone that far I'd stretch to a Honda Jazz which is a lot of small car for the money.
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,241Member

    You find that with the Alto's - the owners become big fans of them even if the car pundits don't. Owner reviews are always a lot higher than expert reviews.

    Pundits aren't usually worth listening too. Like Clarkson and his "I don't like this car because no one will notice me in the forecourt when I go and get petrol". Sad!
    I reckon a despised by pundits car that's cheap to buy, cheap to run, easy to park, and feels comfortable enough to travel in, has positives that outweigh the anonymity problem by some huge margin!
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 830Member
    The Pundits are always comparing current state of the art motor cars and anything that falls short of having electric everything and gadgets is just not going to rate to them. However many if not most owners are more concerned with value for money and reliability. Modern manufacturing means that even basic vehicles are far more reliable than they were when basic was state of the art (70s/80s). The far easten manufacturers have a massive market for these value for money reliable and east to maintain vehicles where the customer base does not generally want expensive and sophisticated. So the likes of Suzuki and Keo are providing a very useful product for a real need.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,892Member
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    Mark - I agree. I stopped watching Top Gear ages ago because of its boorish stunts and its lack of information on cars I could realistically expect to own. Clarksons do not trial ordinary cars for weeks, such time is needed to assess the true weaknesses and strengths of such things.

    ES - Very nicely put. For my second car I don't want extras. I just want something that is reliable, parkable, sips petrol, carries a reasonable payload but which zips through streets and country lanes over short distances. I'm rarely in it long enough for the aircon to take effect - so why do I care about aircon ?

    Above all I want something which takes neglect in its stride and which I do not give a s*** about if I leave it at a works car park for several days at a time - as I often do.

    Oh - and I need to be able to put the boys on the insurance without breaking the bank.
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