Bananarama to re-form and go on tour.

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Can't wait.


  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,109Member


    (Rarely has the world heard such lacluster singing.)
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    There was a news article on the BBC a couple days ago under the heading of 80s Bands We Wish Would Reform. It's not anything I'd wish for!
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    They always just sounded like a bunch of year 11 girls singing at the school talent (less) concert. They're really going to have to up their game to compete with most of todays vocal groups, to be honest. I'm not a fan of vocal groups, but most of them achieve some quite nice harmonies these days, not something Bananarama ever bothered about.
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    I don't know why they call vocal groups a 'band'. A band has to have at least one drum and a kazoo in it.
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    I would like to see Simple Minds acoustic. (I don't know if they ever broke up btw)

    In truth these reforming artists are in it for the payday and have heard all about the stonking amounts to be made on arena tours.

    It's annoying - as a person who stuck with guitar for little reward and has learned all the scales - to see talentless/lucky people who have already had their day having a second bite of the cherry and not looking a day older.

    How about a new Seasick Steve ? Why not Screaming Dave at Glastonbury ???

    Better still... why not invest all the energy in nurturing young talent outside the Cowell-o-Sphere ?

    I suppose some of the profits get ploughed back into that.

    There is something about the nepotistic BBC and commercial channels blatantly advertising whilst pretending that they aren't.

    How far would Bananarama get without millions in 'taxpayer' subsidised free advertising on R2 or Graham Norton or someone on Radio Xray saying 'randomly' on the hour "I'm really looking forward to the Bananarama gig in six months !" ?

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    I have to admit that, although I'd heard the term Bananarama, I assumed it was a male band something along the lines of Madness. I'm rather surprised to find it's three women, if you follow my line of thinking!

    That song and its rendition really are awful. Must have been a big hit.

    On a different topic, pedantically speaking there is actually a difference between a band re-forming and a band reforming. If they re-form they get back together, while if they reform they give up their bad habits! (Not that anyone cares about the niceties of English these days.)
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    A new thing every day. (Duly amended, thanks. I do care. Sink estate school, me.)

    "...a bunch of year 11 girls singing at the school talent (less) concert."

    Nail, head, hit, the, on.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,109Member
    Formerly Eastfields School for Boys

    - St Marks now replete with knife arch and resident policeman. (Four pupils convicted murderers when I was there.)
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