Guitar Adornments

Do any of you have extra bits of decoration you add to your guitars?

I ask because, I'm developing a thing of putting interesting coins and things on the back of the headstock of each of my guitars. It started out when my wife bought me an engraved silver pick for Xmas. I didn't want to use it, so I stuck it to the back of my main SG's headstock. The next one was a $2 coin I picked up in America. I was given it in my change, but they're quite unusual - a bit like someone over hear spending a commemorative coin. So that went on the back of my second SG.

When my wife and I got married I bought her an Elizabethan silver sixpence. The complete rhyme goes:

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe

To be silver it has to be from before 1926, apparently, and buying it from a dealer I had a choice of monarch. I decided it had to be a strong female monarch to be suitable for my lady, so went for Elizabeth I. Then when I bought my '65 SG she suggested I put her sixpence on it.

So, now I need something for my J45 and the Minarik Inferno .....


  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 940Member
    That's very cool, I like that idea. Actually I have two engraved picks, one that I keep in my wallet and one on a shelf. Back of a headstock would be a good place for them.

    I don't decorate my guitars, but I do have one case with stickers off places my wife and I have visited. It started with one from a county in Ireland with her name on it (no her name isn't Sligo or Kilkenny!).
  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 779Member
    Ooh, now we have to guess her name! Ballykissangel?
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 940Member
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