My guitar with Fletcher pickups.

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I've finally got some video shot with my new Fletcher pickups.
This one features Number 4 with a Fletcher tele style bridge pickup and my own hand wound mini humbucker in the neck. They sound amazing together.

The Fletcher has Alnico V and Alnico II pole pieces, a solid metal baseplate and a coil tap switch to go from vintage to modern output. This is one very special and great sounding pickup.

I talk a bit about the guitar's construction too. I really wanted to show off Ben's pickups. The guy does really really nice work.


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    Marvellous Nick - a great, intellegently done demo (all too rare) and explanation of what the guitar, and the pickups, are all about in terms of the kind of tones you like. I do hope this does help to promote Ben Fletcher's pickup business as well - he does really top-notch work and doesn't charge silly money. I'm a bit more reticent about appearing on camera myself, but the humbuckers he made me for a couple of my guitars transformed them both from nice instruments into absolute belters.

    Regarding the matching of pickups, I do think he has a particular ability with that (I've had issues with this in the past using other pickups) - in both my Fletcher'ed guitars, the bridge and neck pickups match beautifully both in terms of output and sounding "of a piece" and combining well, despite (perhaps because of) being wound differently and with different magnet types.
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    Thanks Graham :) Very kind of you to say. I thought it was a bit rambling, and tried not to get 'too' nerdy!
    I was really impressed by the workmanship on the pickups. They are absolutely impeccable. At those prices, you'd be silly to go elsewhere.

    You could always do audio and put it on Soundcloud... :)

    Fletcher'ed - I like that. I might use it in future, if you don't mind! It has a good ring to it. A bit like 'Seymourized'.

    I think different mags and windings definitely go to making a well matched pair of pickups. These two are quite different and I was a bit worried about the mini being TOO different. I made it for my number 3 (walnut/alder semi, in the next video - see below!) but was too underpowered for the bridge position, but I love it in the neck in this video.
    It also, for me, depends on the guitar. Sometimes I want something quite different when switching from neck to bridge and usually want more volume when flipping to the back pickup. It brings a new meaning to "Take it to the bridge!"

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    Another guitar that has been Fletcher'd*

    This is my walnut/alder semi-acoustic that I built to be a jazz 'n' jangle instrument with an acoustic piezo bridge and flatwound strings (11-51). I'm still breaking it in, and it will be getting a new nut and complete setup in the near future.

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    I updated the above video. You should be able to hear it now!
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