I am looking for good and slightly cheap effect for solo boost, but I need something with warm sound. Which one is better?
My budget is $100


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    Right at the limit of your budget is the MXR MC401 clean boost. I doubt you will find anything but praise for this pedal. I can vouch for this pedal, having used one for approximately the last 6 years.

    I have heard good reports of the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster. It is smaller and cheaper than the MXR so you may feel attracted to that.

    I am not familiar with the other two you linked to.
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    If you have an FX loop in your amp you can do it the other way around for cheap. Buy a 250k Ohm Pot and wire a short lead to a jack plug in and out. Insert in the FX look sockets of the amp and set the control to the desired 'rhythem' volume when the loop is active. Turn off the loop and the full volume of the amp comes into play, click in the loop again and instant restrained volume at whatever setting you choose. Mount the Potetiometer in a small box to make it look tidy, total cost maybe £15 or $20. Yootoob have several vids on how to make this.
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