£1000 new acoustic 00 or 000 style guitar required...Thoughts?

ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
Hi there

A while since I posted but you've always been helpful in the past so here goes.

I have about £1000 I'm looking for an all solid wood guitar thinking about 000/om's or a 00 size guitar.
At the moment I have a brook tavy (mini jumbo) - similar size to a faith Neptune.
So I'm looking for something which has a gloss finish (not a fan of the natural open pore)
So far I have been confined to internet browsing.

Short list at the moment

Guild om140/m140
recording king ro127
Alvarez Delta 00 deluxe

As I say I've not ventured to try anything, just looking and seeing what I like the look of before getting g into the serious work of hunting them down and trying them

As always love to hear what you guys are playing or lusting after;)




  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Good luck with the hunt Chris.

    I've found the sort of £1k budget level a tricky one, as it seems so difficult to find anything at that level that's much better than a good example of a guitar at half the price.

    It's too high a price level for where I am these days so I've not been looking at much in that price area, so I'm afraid this'll be a useless post! As usual came the cry. :smile:

    The likes of Guild as you've mentioned, and Faith, Seagull and Takamine spring to mind. I have found in trips I've done trying out guitars that the guitars in this price range that are budget versions of a generally much more expensive brand are very disappointing compared to the same price level guitars of a generally cheaper brand.

    If you were near Andertons they have hand built Dowina guitars from Slovakia at your sort of price level and video demos suggest they are great value.

    There's so many brands and models though. So many of which turn out not to be quite right when tried out in my experience too. I've never found much of a correlation between my liking guitars with a particular badge either, and I've tried the same brand and model of guitar in different places and thought one was great and the other no use at all.

    I hope someone can come up with some good helpful suggestions for you. :smile:
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 912Member
    Sort of following on from Marks comments, have you considerred used, That way someone else has taken any depreciation hit and you know the guitar is settled and probably set up better than some new guitars are at the retail emporiums. About £2-300 more puts you firmly at used Gibson/Martin/Guild territory, not that they always make the greatest guitars but there are some really resonant examples out there, you just have to kiss a lot of frogs ;-)
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Well... I'd be going for a Martin OOO15M at that price but then the finish rules it out.
  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    Thanks for your thoughts gents. Funnily used to have a Martin 0015 with a gloss (nitro) factory finish. Was great until a ceiling collapsed on it :(

    Just adding Eastman into the list too.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Well known brands are easier to sell on. I got 85% of my money back on the Martin after 3 year's ownership.
  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    Hopefully I won't sell on!
    Simon and Patrick woodland folk pro anyone?
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,656Member, Moderator
    edited March 2017
    Almost: Simon and Patrick Woodland Pro, yes, but a parlour instead of a folk.

    Woodland Pro Parlor Spruce

    Here it is sat between classical and dreadnaught guitars and in action, being played by a friend.



    Where did I buy it? That's right, from Richard's Guitars.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Richard raves about Stonebridge.

  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    And Eastman's. Had a chat with him yesterday. Going in for e6 vs e8 woodland folk pro 'OM'-off
  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    So thought i would give an update. Couldn't get the s&p due to shipping restrictions, and Richard sold the e6om. So what to do???

    I ended up going off to intersound in Dursley

    To make the decision i took my existing acoustic (brook tavy mini jumbo spruce and walnut) in and spent about 3 hours trawling through guitars starting at about £500
    The contenders:

    Yiari OM - felt tight and constrained sounded good but no better than that.

    S&P woodland folk spruce - neck felt ok, but the sound to my ears was boxier, duller sounding than i would have anticipated from a that size of guitar.

    S&P woodland pro parlour - had a slotted headstock all mahogany - dark sounding as anticipated but too much so for me.

    Recording king ros616 - sounded really good for the money (£500) but i wasn't in love with vintage styled neck, and the finish (matte) not my thing, just reinforced that thinking.

    Auden marlow - sounded really really good but the string spacing was too narrow and knew that would irritate me over time.

    Brook clyst - familiar feel to the neck, but too small felt like a giant playing it!

    Furch - om23cr - great looking guitar, very bright sounding, and instantly appealing. Takes alternate tunings very nicely (would have preferred chrome to gold tuners) the bass frequencies if anything were stronger than i wanted - very crisp sounding

    Steve toon - lansdown - spruce and rosewood, more woody sounding than the furch, beautiful to look at. Contemporary feel to the neck so my hands were happy. That earthy woody tone sounded good from where i was playing. Even with good separation and a warmer tone than the furch.

    Atkin 00-h - spruce and rosewood. The first thing is the strings are old, but it has a subtle sound to it. Harmonious and more midrange than the OM the bass is less punchy, more rounded sound to it.

    At this point i feel kind of snow blind. I take 30 mind off to the tea shop...Replenished i return to give my verdict.

    During this time the chap I'm the shop has changed the strings on the Atkin to give a more even test. The final 3..

    Toon lansdown, Atkin 00h & furch om23cr.

    I played each, one after another altered tunings then tried again, i also added my brook to it all, i had a feeling that if i was in a different environment and didn't have it there i may end up choosing something that sounded remarkably similar.

    Anyway the final test was the most conclusive. I got the shop owner to play each guitar in turn and let me listen with my back turned.(the voice for guitars!)
    I could hear the difference more starkly, the lansdown sounded much more mid range focused and didn't project as much.
    The Atkin sounded balanced and warm
    The furch more clear and bright.

    Ultimately I ruled out the furch first, the sound of it was most similar to the brook. It is undoubtedly a great guitar.

    I love the look of the toon, great attention to detail. The Atkin was more Martin vintage looking. The toons neck was more similar to the furch in dimensions but with a gloss finish. Slightly fatter C shape.
    The Atkins neck has a subtle very subtle V but slightly more manigable to my my hands that combined with a gloriously dynamic feel to it made me plump for it.

    So there we go, massively over budget, i now have two British made acoustics.

    1 thing that came out of this - my feel for guitars has changed since i last looked ( when i bought the brook) secondly my brook sounds awesome in that blind test just sounded brilliant and the best all rounder.

    The rivals - honourable mentions to furch om23cr, and Steve toon lansdown.

    Thanks chaps

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Well you had fun doing it !

    No guitar does it all. You need at least two and YES. Our tastes do change and quite often from over familiarity with the guitar we have.

    I think it's good to keep a crap guitar just to compare it to the good one you have. Lock your good one away for a week and then recreate the craving you have for it.
  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    I do keep a few crap guitars. They invariably are electrics though which i have diy'd would never touch an acoustic. Have an old samwick acoustic that was my first, so kept for sentimental reasons, it's not great but you know there are something's that money can't buy, and i suspect it may go for about £12 if i tried to sell it anyway.
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Congratulations Chris and enjoy the Atkin! No wonder you got "punchy" testing out that many guitars in one sitting - everything starts to become blurry doesn't it and it's difficult to remember what is what! The older you get the worse it gets ... I find now I need to try no more than 4, then jettison at least two and add more to get back to 4, and then keep repeating the process - can just about cope with comparing 4 a once.

    Good call taking your Brook! It's very difficult to know how similar another guitar might sound when you're trying it in an unfamiliar acoustic environment. It's also no use if the shop has the same guitar as the one you usually play for you to use in a comparison as it's more tan likely to sound and feel quite different to your own one.

    You're dead right about how your feel for guitars changes, and that changes what might be right for you .. and as Kevin rightly says your tastes change too. I'd add to that strain of thought the fact that your ears change over time too, which makes what were great sounding guitars less pleasing and others start to sound much better than they did. Lots of reasons for keeping on going out and buying more guitars. :smile:
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Very good guitars, LAGs.

    Guild was favoured by my hero in his early years. Paul Simon.
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