The Most Underrated Band in the World

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There are plenty of musicians who could easily be tagged as overrated. There is also lots to complain about when it comes to what we hear coming out as new music.
Oh well!
But who would you say is a completely underrated artist who you think should have garnered international stardom that would have eclipsed John, Paul, George and that drummer, or those upstarts headed up by that Jagger fella?

Ok, I'll start (didn't see that coming did you?)

Jellfyfish played the most perfectly written, upbeat yet intelligent songs that stick in your head for days and only make you smile and think. Pure genius.
Here's a glimpse -


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    Interesting. I can hear lots of influences there. Not the least, late Beatles.
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    I've been thinking about this one - I suppose a lot of the music I like might qualify, but perhaps it's more in the obscure and aquired taste category, rather than unfairly over-looked. That is to say, although of course I think I have great taste :D I can also understand how it might not appeal or resonate with a lot of people.

    But, at the risk of boring people with them again, I think the band Lush were indeed underrated. Part of the early 90s shoegaze wave of bands, but for me they had a depth and songwriting quality that transcended this. You'd have to listen and get to know the music better to see if you agree - I would say well worth the effort. There are plenty of hidden gems to discover. Just to give a couple of examples - they sometimes do this thing where they have a kind of jazz/cheesy easy-listening lounge music thing going on, which sounds like it might not be good, but actually is refreshing and distinctive:

    And also sometimes there's a kind of plaintive, wistful, reflective, quality - hard to describe, but rather lovely:

    And I could go on - just a fascinating, multi-faceted band, with really great songs. The recently issued 5 album set "Chorus" is a great buy if anyone fancies giving this band a go. :)
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    Good stuff! Sort of Everything But the Girl/Strawberry Switchblade ish. Although I don't think anyone ever had FLAC files of the latter!
    I like how certain bands just fill a void and create a needed feeling that others don't.
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    I wouldn't of said Strawberry Switchblade to be honest, apart from the fact the band was fronted by two girls. Although that said, I don't know much about Strawberry Switchblade, and I am a bit of an EBTG fan. I will just post one more in my quest to convert you to the joys of this band :D - I think they just had this extra level of sophistication, compared to many of their contempories - you can hear that often in the unusual harmonies and chords they used, it's just so different.

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    Yea, you're right. Strawberry Switchblade (awful name...) are more poppy too, lots of synth bass and drum machine. And yea, not very sophisticated!

    oo that video does the job :) Plus one of the singers is playing a Rickenbacker - big plus! Great stuff. And I hear what you mean about the chords too. The wailing is quite gothic (Bauhaus/Cure) which I dig.
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    You're right Nick, there is a hint of the gothic in there also, which makes sense, as that's something I've been known to like. Anyway, apologies for going on about it - you can tell I'm something of an obsessed fan!
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    No no that's fine, obsess away. It's better to be extreme than to sit on the fence. One day I'll start a thread called "Why Marillion really are the greatest band in the world, even if you think it's not something you can quantify, and if you disagree you're wrong and I wont be afraid to tell you because this isn't a debate it's a statement of fact." Or something perhaps less polite!
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    That's very decent of you Nick! Liking that Jellyfish track btw. What would be your favourite few Marillion tracks may I ask? (They are clearly underrated from what you say, so can be included in this thread). :)
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    Marillion - never EVER heard on R2.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 6,953Member

    Marillion - never EVER heard on R2.

    I don't often listen to R2, but I somehow suspect that statement isn't entirely true Kevin... Anyhow, I'd still like to know what tracks Nick might choose.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 2,984Member
    edited March 2017
    Well, Megi.

    If someone put in a request for Marillion I reckon BBC R 2's producer's Pop/Big Hair Rock/Disco bias of the 80s might stretch to... Kylie ! (They should be so lucky.)
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    Megi said:

    That's very decent of you Nick! Liking that Jellyfish track btw. What would be your favourite few Marillion tracks may I ask? (They are clearly underrated from what you say, so can be included in this thread). :)

    :) Thanks mate. Glad you're liking Jellyfish.
    Marillion, you say? Well now, where do I start?!

    My favourite tracks are Neverland, Power, Quartz (which describes my life - at one point- to a T !) and Ocean Cloud. Lyrically, musically and emotionally, they are just stunning tracks, even though they aren't exactly short.
    Album wise, their latest (FEAR) is a masterpiece, and lyrically a startlingly apt comment on the world today, despite being written two or three years ago. Marbles is a favourite amongst many fans and has some real gems in it (Dont Hurt Yourself, Fantastic Place).
    Happinesss is the Road contains some wonderful thoughts on life, and beautifully crafted music.
    Happiness is the Road

    The greatest blessing that we have
    Is the dawn of each new day
    A chance to finish what we started
    And made a mess of yesterday
    As day comes out of night
    A chance to get it right
    A chance to start again
    A chance to get it right

    The people here
    Full of love and comfortable in themselves
    Not scared to let go
    No fear round here

    I met this man
    In Utrecht Netherlands
    He was a doctor of the body and the soul
    He said to me:
    Man, there's a book you have to read.
    I feel your pain. It makes me cry
    But these tears are yours - not mine.

    You're focussing on all of your bad yesterdays
    The worry lines are getting deeper every day
    And deep inside you
    No surprise - there's a crisis!
    You might have been to blame
    But you can't go on this way
    Must I watch and pray?

    While you torture yourself with what's behind ya
    Torture yourself with what awaits ya
    Draggin' that guilt and regret inside ya
    Anxious of the goals that always evade ya

    Your mind will find a way to be unkind to you somehow
    But all we really have is happening to us right now


    And each baby..
    A human sunrise
    Each baby - a human sunrise..

    Look around you
    Feel your soul inside you
    Look inside you
    Feel the life course through you
    The life that's giving In every thing that's living
    The plants and the trees
    The birds and the bees
    And apes like you and me


    You're a slave to your mind
    But you are not your mind
    You are not your pain
    Say it again
    You are not your pain
    Say it again
    You are not your pain

    Happiness aint at the end of the road
    Happiness aint at the end of the road
    Happiness IS the road
    The road


    It's all quite hippy, if you like (anti-establishment, money won't make you happy, be yourself, enjoy life kind of ethos), so if you voted for Thatcher, live in a tax haven or have never paid cash for a brand new Aston Martin it may not be for you. On the other hand, if you see what's going wrong with the world and want to shake it up like a magic ball, a good place to start would be a sampler CD they give away on
    What I really love about them is the sense of family at the concerts. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, they all look like they're having fun and don't really take themselves that seriously. It's a bit clichéd amongst some bands, but you really get a sense of being with friends at the gigs. Perhaps it's because it's not all roudy teenagers and drunk louts, but sensible (balding!) middle aged people who want to enjoy great music. I honestly can't wait until the next gig!

    And now for some videos:
    LOVE the shots of the crowd towards the end....goosebumps and tears....I think that sums up the family atmosphere and makes me just want to be there right now.


    Don't Hurt Yourself (something a bit more upbeat! "The past will only haunt you, live for today, each day's an open door"..."Nothing to lose is nothing to fight over, the shining stars have seen it all before")

    Sorry, Graham, but you did open the can of worms - heheh!
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    Megi said:

    Marillion - never EVER heard on R2.

    I don't often listen to R2, but I somehow suspect that statement isn't entirely true Kevin... Anyhow, I'd still like to know what tracks Nick might choose.
    You might hear Kayleigh on there, but if they play something less popular I'd be happy:)
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    Not sure it counts as underrated band, but I always think Christine McVie's singing voice is underrated. Stevie Nicks always seemed to get all the attention in Fleetwood Mac
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