Cakewalk - "We Couldn't Give A Toss"

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Been using a Cakewalk UA25-EX audio/midi interface for some years now, great piece of kit, but fairly costly to replace with anything similar today and unnecessary, particularly as the hardware unit is in 10/10 condition!
Just upgraded my Mac to 10.12.3 and expected to just download a driver as I have done after upgrades before, but was told by Cakewalk that they do not offer support for this anymore nor do they intend to issue an updated driver!!
I phoned Roland, who originally distributed this unit who simply dismissed my request with a "We don't distribute Cakewalk anymore, not our problem"!!

I am left with a perfectly good, but useless, box (bit like a car with no wheels)!!
I am sure that ALL these music software and computer manufacturers are in each others pockets and sadly, it appears we are in a "We don't give shit, you'll have to buy new stuff" age.

F**k 'em all!!


  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 875Member
    hmm...I feel your pain. I had to buy new a new interface when Apple no longer produced anything with Firewire built in. But I'm happier with my Focusrite 18i8.
    Oh and Reaper rocks. I'm sure you've heard.
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,606Member, Moderator
    I have learned over the years and so now I buy a new computer and software that will work on it and hang onto both for as long as possible. My 2009 iMac with Logic Express 9 is still going strong and without an internet connection in the studio it doesn't know that it is supposedly past its sell-by date.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 875Member
    Great idea, Lester. I have to keep one foot in the Adobe camp for work, so my Mac has to be reasonably new, ish. It was when I upgraded everything that I went 'Oh.' Music has to come second, sadly. But still, it's a good excuse to buy new gear! hehe
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,303Member
    The continual upgrade compatibility problem is a pain. As is the attitude of those that sell the gear. Gits!

    I recall that just an automatic update to my previous laptops Vista O/S meant our HomePlugs that network the house were no longer compatible. One of the many bugbears while using that particular O/S.

    My better half runs a Mac and has had a lot less problems the me and my various Windoze PCs, but even the Mac hits some of these issues.

    I continue to use for music recording (and keep my fingers crossed it'll keep working) a long serving and pretty cheap Alesis interface that happily works with Asio4All. If it ain't broke don't fix it and auto-updates are blocked on the current Windoze.

    I'd like to take the risk with upgrading to something as good as the Focusrite 18i8 interface mentioned above, but the thought of spending that much and then finding it has compatibility issues at some level fills me with gloom. Over the years the number of times I have had gear that had an interface option which when tried didn't work, and sometimes screwed up what already did work, has left me with the feeling that the level of risk with any new gear is high. I used to enjoy wrestling with getting new gear and software to work but I'm too old and knackered for that to appeal any more.

    I wish I could find a portable stand alone music recording solution that was as easy to use as a DAW, but having tried several over the years it's become apparent that's just wishful thinking. There's a lot to be said for that idea of an additional non-internet music only computer but the added cost keeps getting in the way of my actually taking that step for a no income hobby.
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 882Member
    Just think in 2017 we can't keep our computors long but our valve amps go on and on!!!!

    Who'd a thunk that 30 years ago.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 875Member
    ESBlonde said:

    Just think in 2017 we can't keep our computors long but our valve amps go on and on!!!!

    Who'd a thunk that 30 years ago.

    Haha good point! Guitarists like change less than anyone, I think.
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