what is (MIDI /Musical Instrument Digital Interface)????

I hear the term (MIDI /Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
I am not sure what this is, and what I do with it,
e.g. my (eventide time factor) as got a MIDI function, so could you guys kindly explain this to me,
much thanks for your time guys,



  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 950Member
    Have a look on Wiki but essentially there are a quantity of digital channels (256?) that can be assigned to fixed or variable parameters. So 1 could be pitch, 2, attack, 3 length 4-15 library of sounds etc. A signal on any chanel triggers or modifies that action. The whole lot is controlled by a digital time code sent from one device in the chain (there can be many) and the slave units respond as appropriate. So a bank of keyboard sounds (no actual keys required) can play a tune and an effects unit can add reverb or destinct echo pulses at specific points and a phase sound at another point all driven and controlled by midi. Modern digital guitar amplifier simulators will use a foot pedal to send coded commands to the amplifier to modify the sounds and effects to the player foot/whim or even be linked into the bands midi driver with the song dictating click to the drummer, tone and FX to the guitarist, sound library changes to the keyboardist and gateing the stops cleanly.
    It's possibilities are emence, your imagination can run riot but don't forget to keep some human art in the final product ;-)
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 968Member
    I use MIDI to prevent too much tap-dancing. I have a looper, a drum machine and FX unit hooked up via MIDI so that when I change the patch on my looper, it changes the patch on the other two units and sets the tempo. It's a lot easier than it sounds. I also use it to dump sounds from FX units to my computer.
  • The TiggsThe Tiggs Posts: 333Member
    So, MIDI is a technical Specification for a computer interface - derived in the 70's - that allows computers to control keyboards (or the other way around). It means that you can plug in keyboards to computer interfaces and other keyboards, drum sequencers etc. It also specifies the sort of sockets / plugs / cables (5 pin DIN).
    BUT it has moved on since then and is available for control of digital instruments in DAWs.
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