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I was just watching my U2 In the Round video, California.

What an incredible guitarist The Edge is. As well as playing left-field guitar (and unerringly able to create iconic riffs) he is a blinding backing vocalist. He is the sound of U2 !

We never speak of them here. I doubt they would headline Glastonbury/Reading. Perhaps there is one band that is so big that we can't see them.

(My wife's boss tried to book tickets and had secured some, by the time he'd cleared his credit card they'd gone. £180 each !!!)


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    Never ever got into U2 in a big way, or even a little way, although they have loads of great songs - I often prefer the cover versions to the originals: "One" by the Cowboy Junkies being, probably, my favourite. I bought the album on the strength of that song, something that I've never done with a U2 album. But yes they would seem to me to be ideal for Glastonbury.

    I think I heard Kris Kristofferson is playing Glastonbury year - now we're talking. :-) Although I can barely think of any place worse to see an artist one loves than Glastonbury. My favourite gigs of the last few years have been < 100 people rather than >80000. I guess I'm lucky that the artists I like tend to be less popular than U2 (or even U2-2, which sounds like a German Submarine number but is actually, of course, a tribute band).
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    I was given a U2 book and a concert DVD, as a gift, a couple of years back. Read the book then watched half the DVD. Does nothing for me I'm afraid. I know I am in the minority but I think they are highly overrated.
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    The Edge's style has inspired many modern church worship bands as, in Edge's own words, he is a rhythm guitarist creating an atmosphere and that works well in a worship context.

    I think, for example, that Justin Bieber is overrated. I saw a video this week where he dropped his microphone yet his singing didn't suffer for it, meaning he was miming in front of an audience of umpteen thousand people. Personally, I prefer U2 and think they have worked at creating and crafting their songs, style and sound and deserve to have been successful. I guess everyone's taste is different.
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    Don't know anything by Justin Bieber, I'm afraid (*), but I'd agree that U2 have worked hard and successfully crafted great songs and a unique and influential sound. Especially when BB King was in the band!

    (*) Bit of a trend with my recent posts, I know. I was thinking about this earlier, about all the really huge and massively famous pop bands and artists of the last 30 years that I know nothing (or very little) by or about (mostly nothing). Coldplay, Simple Minds, Radiohead, Justin Bieber, REM, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Eminen, Lady Gaga, Muse, Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Kasabien (all those type of bands), New Order, Happy Mondays. Hundreds more incl. any Rap / Garage / House / Dance / Trance band or artist that ever was. Just goes to show that if the only radio shows one listens to are Bob Harris, Paul Jones, and Jamie Cullen then it's possible to get through life in blissful ignorance of a massive slice of popular culture. I recall buying an REM album once because "I thought I should" but I don't think I ever played it twice because there's always something else I'd rather play first.
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    The Edge played just about every famous electric guitar there is during that gig - I defy anyone to listen to the gig with their eyes closed and tell us when the guitar changed, let alone which one he was using.
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    U2 decided to form a band, and then learned to play there instruments. All on a budget during 'the troubles'. As a consequence they are very unique in there approach because no one told them the 'right way' to do anything so they do it the U2 way.

    Politics aside, they have created so agreeable music over the years, I'm in the 'don't tell me to give to charity Mr. Multi millionair' camp myself.

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    Ditto. There are a lot of skip-this-bit sections on the CD.
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