Hidden Advertising - Luvvie-land.

Just listened to BBC R2 on the way to the dump and it's LaLa Land this and LaLa Land that. "I've seen it. It's reeeally reeeally good !" and the conversation turned on to LaLa Land at regular intervals, segued really awkwardly and randomly. Then a playing from the 'album of the week' - and what an ordeal that was. The overture from the musical of the requisite West End chorus line monotony... I can see I'm going to be dragged of to see this at the cinema - numb bum and all that. (This is Adele Adele Adele all over again.)

Then Radio X - It's "Trainspotting 2 this and Trainspotting 2 that" ... segued at regular intervals really awkwardly... (repeats above.)

One suspects there are backhanders going on all over the place. This sort of pushing seems as nepotistic as a Hollywood actor's daughter on a catwalk.

Radio X plays an advert explaining the importance of advertising standards. A pity it doesn't tell us when it's advertising then ! (The BBC isn't meant to do it at all !)
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