Simple Minds Acoustic

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I got the CD for Christmas and it is utterly superb. But... acoustic ? Well. There's definitely an acoustic guitar on it. The drummer is the star of this production btw.


Sigma have just brought out their version of the Gibson J45 which I played a few days ago. It is better than the current J45 Standard and at least as good as the old one - at a quarter of the price (£450-ish incl Sonitone pick-up)


  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Good point about the Simple Minds CD Kevin. It is very good I agree, but yes, the "Acoustic" tag does suggest a bit more unplugged! :smiley:

    I had expected it would be more like the acoustic set for Absolute Radio in 2014. That was Just vocals and two acoustic guitars .... and very good that was too!

    Sigma and their like have worked out how to do great jobs of high quality guitars at low price that are very much in the same ballpark for quality and sound as much more expensive guitars.

    A fairly recent under £300 v £1,400+ all mahogany acoustic guitar shootout I did ended with a long session of just trying those two final choice guitars against each other. This was another case in point - the Tanglewood (cheap) did not lose out over the Martin (expensive) for any factor other than the name badge not being something to show off about.

    Recent deterioration in the exchange rates will have widened the cost gap between the two ends of the market too. Add 10% to £300 and £1,400 and the cost differential goes from £1,100 to £1,210!
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,144Member
    The reissue J45 True Vintage is something to behold, I have to say. Hi end versions of makers (which I'm not in the market for.) Then the badge matters. Otherwise it can be really hard justifying walking out of a shop with anything other than an Asian guitar.
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