GAS has struck - I have bought another guitar! - photos!



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    That is indeed the same factory as mine (identified by the letter S at the beginning) - wish I could find out the factory name and location, but somewhere in China anyhow. :D The first 2 numbers after that denote the year (2015 for your guitar) then the next 2 are the month (August) and the remaining "1583" is the production number for that month (they clearly make a lot of guitars!).

    I do understand what you mean about finding out which types of guitar one is most suited to - I've been through a similar process, and I'm now thinking there are a few I have that, although nice, I really should sell on in the coming year. I find (shocking though it is to say) that it is possible to have too many guitars - if they don't get used very much, then they start to feel like a bit of a burden somehow.

    I like that blond Jedson LP - I can remember seeing guitars like that still around when I started playing in the early '80s.
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    I still haven' got round to selling any of mine yet. Haven't played any either. Good news is I haven't bought any!!
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    Jocko said:

    I still haven' got round to selling any of mine yet. Haven't played any either. Good news is I haven't bought any!!

    They can be difficult things to sell - both emotionally (if like me your the sort of person who becomes attached) and also just in terms of the practicalities. I did sell a 7-string, which I'd hardly played at all, not so long ago. I still found it tough to part with, but felt better once it had gone to an appreciative new owner, and I had the money in my bank account - albeit I sold it for a lot less than I bought it for.

    Thinking about which guitars are really most valuable to me as working instruments, it's the two Shine SIL-510s, the new Ibby AS103 (especially when it gets it's new pickups) and my Ibby Joe Pass archtop. All with humbucker pickups, which tells me something. I'd also want to keep a steel string acoustic, and classical guitar. And I'd find it very hard to part with my "wave guitar" where I designed the body and went to a lot of trouble. So that's still a substantial collection of 7 guitars, which ought to be plenty.

    There was a time when I couldn't contemplate it, but now I think I might end up finding new homes for my two strat style and one tele style partscasters. They are lovely guitars, but do I need them? - no. At least I had the enjoyment of putting them together. Also I have a green Ibanez Allan Holdsworth model I never use, and a spare acoustic - I only need one. Not to mention a cheaply bought Squier tele without pickups, that I was going to do up and make nice - now I think I'll just sell that very cheaply, or even give it away, as a project for someone else. Ah well.... :)
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