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waylonwaylon Posts: 44Member
I'm looking for a solid body guitar with nice jazzy tones. I heard that LP suit this genre, and I found this one
But I love strats and for my budget I found theese two
Which one will be better? Or maybe something different?
I love hollow body guitars, but I have small room and I cant's play loud guitars, even unplugged, but I can play through amp + headphones.


  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 912Member
    Jazzy tones are a product of the player not the guitar. That said a pointy BC rich might look out of place in a traditional jazz club....until you played it.
    If you like traditional looking guitars then the 'Vintage' brand you found earlier offer quite a wide selection as would Epiphone and several others. The appointments of one style over another are personal choice so you need to hold the thing and assess it in person. Don't ignore the Epiphone 339 which looks and sounds the part and would defy you to tell the difference in sound because it's a semi hollow design.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
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    For what it's worth, and with my experience as someone who does often play jazz with bands, then I would personally have to say avoid the strat type of single coil neck pickup. ES is correct to say that the right player can play jazz on any guitar, but with respect, I have to say a strat neck pickup is not the best starting point for what most people think of as a classic jazz kind of tone - and I say that having tried myself. You can get a good tone, and a tone that works for jazz in an individual, non-traditional way, but for that classic jazz guitar sound, thinking Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, etc. etc. I would say no.

    Humbuckers are generally good, although try to get something that's not too high output, or with ceramic magnets - PAF type alnico magnet pickups generally work well. And the P90 type of pickup usually is nice as well (although can be rather susceptible to noise and hum I have found). I think the humbuckers in a Gretsch can be fairly bright, but that does not have to mean harsh of course, and I suspect that the Gretsch guitar you link to, especially with it's chambered body, would be a good choice. Lots of guitars out there to consider of course! :)
  • The TiggsThe Tiggs Posts: 333Member
    The Pacifica should not be that expensive - you should be able to find one cheaper
    LPs have a good tone but I don't like them because they are too heavy and don't balance very well - you must try one before you buy it.
    I don't know about the vintage.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 940Member
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    If I was looking for a jazz guitar today I would go for a Harley Benton semi acoustic. They all have amazing reviews, and cheap enough to be able to swap the pickups and still be within just about any budget. I don't think these would be too loud at all. Having seen a few Pacificas, I would go for the Harley Bentons any day.
    This is the HB 35, £152image
    There are lots of jazz players who play telecasters. The neck pickup with the tone rolled off is a particularly jazzy tone.
    Otherwise, as Megi said, something with a PAF or P90 would definitely be a great idea. I've been playing jazz lately with a guitar with P90 in the neck that sounds just wonderful!
    How about a Harley Benton tele with P90s? Don't mind if I do!

    Eeks, this not doing my GAS any favours... But I would say, that if I was thinking jazz I wouldn't be looking at a Gretsch. They are likely to be more jangly (again, as Megi said!)
    And when I play jazz I never pick up a Strat. Ever.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 940Member
    Here's a video of Tim Lerch playing jazz. On a telecaster.

    His tone is just ridiculously beautiful.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
    That is a lovely sound Tim Lerch gets on the tele. I could also mention Ed Bickert...

  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 940Member
    Oh yea, can't forget Ed. I can hear the tears of semi-acoustics around the world when he plays.
    I'm not sure how I feel when people ask Tim Lerch how he gets that tone and he just says the guitar is stock - "No, it can't be, there has to be a pickup coated in unicorn bone dust, or platinum strings, or three hundred year old tortoise shell plectrum....". Nope, all in the fingers. Doh.
  • The23rdmanThe23rdman Posts: 1,560Member
    I loved the jazzy tone my CV Tele gave me on the neck pickup rolled off.
  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 779Member
    Try an Ibanez AS83 or similar
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