Suitable amplifiers

I have a Gibson Midtown Archtop with soap bar pickups. Can anyone recommend an amplifier that can cope with its big bass sound?


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    It is worth reading Jazz Guitar Amps as itwill give you a broad overview of the amps that produce clean tones. If you are wanting a bit more bite in your sound for blues and jazz in the style of Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and so on then an amp that also has a smooth crunch sound - more 6L6/6V6 valve territory than EL84.

    Personally I love the sound of my Fender amp for my jazz archtop except that the amp only has a tone knob. My Mesa Boogie has so many tone control options that while it is not traditionally a jazz amp I cna control the bass better, something I have needed a few times when the venue I have played in has a resonant frequency that excites a bass tone.
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    You haven't given a budget or a playing scenario. Do you just play at home or do you gig? What sized venues? Is weight and size important for transport?
    As a decent general all rounder I suggest that people try the Fender Hor rod deluxe combo, in your case you might seek out the custom George Benson model which is a smoother sound for want of a better description, and has an excellent reputaion.
    I have a standard HRD and use a Gibson ES335 though it regularly, I rarely have the bass above about 4 or 5 but I don't want it too deep and interfering with the bass guitar player.

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    As a side story...

    My brother was speaking to a promoter in Skegness who remembers Chuck Berry coming to do a gig. He turned up on his own with a guitar in a case - nothing else.

    Berry said "Got a band ?"

    Affirmative (the house band)

    Then the immortal...

    "Got an amp ???"

    Apparently the gig went fine.
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    Chuck Berry was an astute warrior of many years on the road, in addition to travelling light he was renowned for requireing cash payment up front before going on stage, be that a holiday camp in lincolnshire, a roadhouse in California or the Royal Albert hall!
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    Apparently he also used to take a cash deposit as part of the up front payment, which he would return if he was happy with the backing band and the amps supplied.
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