Case Guitars - rather nice looking hand built stuff!

MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
I found another UK maker I really like - Case Guitars. He does a lovely range from solid bodies to archtops - all with his own designs, but which retain something of a "classic" vibe. A bit difficult to search for on the web, as you get loads of guitar case links, but worth finding all the same. I'm a bit smitten with the J25 semi-acoustic model, and judging by this demo, it sounds very good:

I could certainly find a place for one of those in my life (if I had a spare three and a half-ish grand to spare)... The maker, Jon Case, seems a very nice, thoughtful chap as well:

So, another one to add to my dream guitar list, ho hum. Waghorn Guitars are still on there as well... :)


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,658Member, Moderator
    That J25 looks lovely and also unique. From the video I can't say I am too taken on the tone - this video has a tone that is more of what I am aiming for:

  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
    And a fine tone that is too Lester I have to say - compared to the J25 example, I would say it's got more mid-range emphasis, and less highs (although still with some presence, and not muddy). Maybe a bit more of an "electric" kind of tone too, although I'm not saying the acoustic/woody semi-acoustic aspect isn't there.

    I notice that guitar has a Bare Knuckle humbucker-sized P90 type pickup in the neck slot which will have an impact on things of course (I believe Case J25 normally uses BK humbuckers). And as we know, a lot of the final tone is down to the player, amp and settings of course, so if we had both guitars to play with, we might be able to get very similar tones from either. But just going by the demo, then for me, there is an airy, open, ringing, resonant quality about the J25 that I like very much.
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    Ooh ... nice. :smile:

    ... and Ooh ... serious cash!

    Semi Acoustic and P90s is a nice combination even at the budget levels I dabbled in. That particular brand of P90 does a very good job of cleaner tones.

    My personal experience on semi acoustics is that any humbucker needs to be of the vintage PAF style with more single coil leanings to give cleaner tone I like on this sort of guitar.

    Something about the look and sound of a semi acoustic still takes my attention and causes a wee stirring despite my hardly playing electric any more.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
    Cheers Mark - from what you say I think it's the clip Lester posted, with the P90 equipped guitar that you're particularly liking? It is a fine sound, but I personally find it a bit on the "plummy" side for my taste - something which I think I notice about P90s in general, despite the fact they are single coil pickups, so I've come to the conclusion that clear-sounding humbuckers are more my thing.

    I think the guitar in Lester's clip is a relatively inexpensive Washburn HB35 - the fact that I know that indicates I have already spent way too much time looking a semi-acoustic guitars in the past. :D
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