In The Doghouse Again

A bit of blues:


  • Derek_RDerek_R Posts: 1,696Member
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,139Member
    Good as ever, Derek.

    You should have hidden the blue videos in the background though.
  • Derek_RDerek_R Posts: 1,696Member
    Cheers Kevin :-) Appreciated.

    That's the world's best library behind me - a fine selection of 1960's thrillers, art and photography and fishing books, finger-picking how-to's, and a bunch of books about how to write. The videos are all off camera to the right - Clint Eastwood boxed set, Magnificent Seven, Deadwood...
  • The23rdmanThe23rdman Posts: 1,560Member
    Love your stuff, Derek. You're not supposed to smile when playing the blues, though! :)
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Good song with a good choice of words.

    Add to that well played and sung, plus done in an entertaining way with easy going charm. The work of a good live performer! :smile:
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,153Member
    Great stuff - impossible not to be cheered up by such a good song, and the usual winning performance also. Put a smile on my face Derek. :)
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