Hi All

Hi, I'm Tony and i joined the forum a week or so ago.

I've been playing guitar for 41 years, although you wouldn't think so to hear me. I started to play on a Eko Ranger 6 string that I bought in Wells music store in Romford. I think it was called Wells, but that might have been a record shop -it was a long time ago.

Anyway, I had a friend who was a very decent player indeed and he showed be the basic chords. I suppose I got to the stage where I could play all the chords I needed pretty quickly and I didn't really push on. I learned a rudimentary picking style and haven't improved much since then. It never occurred to me to take lessons and of course there were no on-line tutorials in those days. The good old days when wireless was a radio.

About 10 years ago I traded up to a Taylor 414CE, which is a far better guitar than I am a player. I know that as my neighbours son picked it up last year and it made noises I never knew it was capable of!

I met Richard on-line in his chat room asking him about Godin Acousticasters and then, as is often the case with me decided that wasn't what I wanted at all. What I really wanted was a Godin RG3 electric guitar. So I ordered one and Richard ordered it and it is beyond beautiful. The neck is exceptional and although I am not really an electric player I love to noodle around on it and pick out melodies and have fun. And that is what it is all about for me, just having fun. Again the RG3 is more guitar than I need, but it has made me excited about learning and I am revising my scales and boxes (A minor is the only box I know!)

See you all in the cloud! (IT is something I do know about as I have been a programmer for 35 years)



  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Welcome Tony. I had an Eko Ranger 12, 40 years ago, so I know you had a good guitar to start with. My abilities have always lagged far behind the guitars I have owned. Surprised it took you so long to go electric, or have you dabbled in the past? Anyway, enjoy your time here. It is a great community.
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,730Member, Moderator
    Welcome, Tony, and congratulations on getting the Godin. I too started many years ago, on electric, but my first acoustic was an Eko Ranger 6 so we have that in common.
  • tonedtoned Posts: 3Member
    @Jocko , yes I've dabbled with electrics. I have a Mexican strat that I bought 20 odd years ago and a Tele that I got off eBay. I also have some guitars that I have asked Richard to try and sell for me as I never use them.

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,232Member
    It's as much about the guitars and gadgets as the playing.

    Nice to meet you, Tony.
  • The23rdmanThe23rdman Posts: 1,560Member
    Hi Tony,
    Welcome to the forum. I'm very similar to you - played for over 25 years, but never progressed past intermediate simply because I'm too lazy to dedicate any time to improving. It's all fun though.
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