Help me rebuild?

Richards GuitarsRichards Guitars Posts: 589Member, Administrator
Hi guys

As you know the forum has taken a battering but hopefully with your help we can rebuild it?

Lester has helped me test a theory which has proven correct, that if I give you guys (for whom the forum has proven valuable) moderator status you can edit titles and move posts to relevent categories.

My thoughts were that you focus on your own historical posts. If the regulars all move their posts to a relevent category then it shouldnt take us long to get things a little more in order and more relevent looking to new visitors.

I am in the process of getting the old forum url auto diverting to its new home and have put a link on my main navigation to the new forum - but at the moment the forum obviously looks a little odd.

Now we have the replys issue sorted (!) people can even reply to posts again! Yehaa

I do hope you guys will join in the clean up operation - it would mean so much to me. If you want your status changed to moderator (and have been a regular here for a while) I will get your status changed immediately.

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