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Richards GuitarsRichards Guitars Posts: 589Member, Administrator
OK - The forum has taken a beating from being exposed to the format and unfortunately because of the complexity of structure of the forum it is making certain imports impossible. We believe it has been deliberately structured this way to stop people from doing exactly what I have done - leaving!

As you know we have no images.
We have not titles! So these are going to be automatically generated based on the first 20 comments in the topic
We have no categorisation so there will be literally no categories inititally.

Possible ways forward.... we just keep it simple with no categories - see how that goes to begin with.

Once we have things settling we can create categories and you guys can have admin rights to shuffle posts to the correct category when you see fit? Call it a team building excercise!?

Alternatively we just leave it free form - may be quite cool?

Anyway - this is where we are.... Doing our best!
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