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OK I am really excited to tell you I have the support of a BRILLIANT IT GENIUS!!!!  He has been helping me with my retail site and so far nothing has proven impossible to achieve - I ask - he does!  He is brilliant.He has re-assured me that he can bring the data across so fingers crossed.The new forum will be on a traditional forum style using the same forum platform as the fretboard forum site so many of you will be comfortable with the general architecture and ease of use.The new forum will be called.... (!!)My retail site is now and I think its nice to keep the whole thing integrated.  I want the forum to feel part of what I do which at the moment I don't feel at all.Please do also check out which is coming on really well - this also links back to my site but is really getting busy now if you want to receive updates on used guitars for sale.Thank you all for giving me a positive feeling about trying again with the forum.  I was ready to jack it in but am excited about giving it a new direction - one more like the original hopefully.


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