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hi guys I'm Scott from Kilmarnock Scotland and had a serious motorcycle accident but while in recovery I was in hospital for 8 months and had to learn how to walk again this was in August 14 2008 my son was born August 21st of August 2008 as you can imagine this was a nightmare my son was born exactly a week after I came of my motorcycle I had two shattered ankles a badly broken shoulder and wrist I was in traction and because of the speed I came of at my brain had taken such a bad shake I didn't know who I was for about 3 months.when my son was born and because of the injuries I had sustained I couldn't even hold my son so my guitar playing was pretty much dead in the water the worst thing in my life I'm still partially disabled but my head wants to seriously get back into the guitar well that's me guys introduced and just want to get back into the instrument I love but it's like starting from scratch so any help that I can learn from you people really will be so much appreciated thanks for your time with kindest regards Scott.


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    Scott. What a terrible experience. Such life changing injuries. Glad to hear you feel like getting back into playing guitar once again. What sort of music were you into? Do you still have a guitar or have you any thoughts on what you would like to get? There is plenty help, advice and encouragement to be had here, so just ask. And welcome to our friendly forum.

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    That's one hell of a thing to go through Scott - I just can't imagine to be honest. But welcome, and it's good to hear you're at the stage of been ready to pick up a guitar again, even if it is like going back to square one. I know there will be help and encouragement here anyhow, and do stick around. image

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    Glad you're on the road to recovery Scott. Sounds like you've been through a really traumatic time for you and your family. Something to ponder, Albert Ayler, the late and great American Free-Jazz saxophonist said "Music is the healing force of the Universe"... so get playing again, and keep playing, and keep healing! 

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    Getting back into guitar will be great therapy for mind and body.  Welcome to the forum and let us know when you need a bit of help and encouragement.

    Cheers, Reg.

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    Good luck Scott

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