Online guitar lessons

Derek_RDerek_R Posts: 1,702Member
I'm a massive fan of the video exchange type of online guitar lesson. It's a wonderful way to get really cost effective lessons from world class players. My annual sub with Bryan Sutton expires tomorrow and I've decided not to rejoin - nothing wrong with the school, far from it. It's brilliant. I've learned so much from Bryan, not just about flat-picking, but about musicianship, song-writing, performance, and so much more. He's a great guy, a wonderful teacher, and I'd highly recommend his school. But I rarely flatpick these days and it's time for a new teacher - ideally a fingerpicker. I thought about joining Martin Taylor's school - I have a ton of his albums and he's a great guy, too, but it may be more aimed at the jazzer than the country thumb-picker. Any other ideas? Anyone out there taking fingerstyle lessons with someone they'd recommend - ideally a two-way environment?CheersD
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