New boxes for my acoustic pedalboard

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I realised the other day how much I love stomp boxes, and decided it's OK to have stomp boxes which aren't used all that much rather than being in regular use on one of my boards.But .......... this post is about the new boxes for my acoustic pedalboard.  The ol' Behringer pedal tuner and Danelectro FAB Chorus have been retired (passed on to my impoverished but ridiculously talented son) and the line-up now consists of:TC Electronic BodyRez > Behringer ADI21 V-Tone Acoustic (Acoustic Pre-amp) > TC Electronic Corona Mini (Chorus) > TC Electronic HOF Mini (Reverb) > TC Electronic Polytune 2 MiniThe BodyRez is the tops for making an acoustic guitar with a Piezo or mag pickup just sound .... well .... better.  The V-Tone is great for just adding a bit of valve pre-amp magic and then the chorus and reverb are just added using the half-teaspoon measure to give some subtle colouring.As you can see I'm suddenly in love with TC Electronic.  The Toneprint thang gets me a bit moist, to be honest.  I think it's the most brilliant concept ever.  I could lose whole evenings just laying with all the presets


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    I like TC stuff as well, although I only have their (brilliant) Hypergravity compressor on my board. Post a pic though Dave, I for one like looking at effects setups. image

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    I'll post a pic as soon as I get them on the board.

    By the way, does anyone know where I can get a sheet of foam, like the Boss pedalboards have in them to keep the boxes in place?  I want to use that rather than Velcro.

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    Actually, I might put the Mooer Baby Tuner on the board as I like it's simplicity.  Hmmm ......

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    Try these guys for the foam:


    I recently built a flight case for my DMX lighting desk.  I didn't actually use foam in it (I ended up building the case such that the desk was suspended in it like a rack) but did look into it at one point.

    Cheers, Reg/

  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 779Member

    Perfick! Thanks, Reg

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    Here is my TC Electronic BodyRez I bought 5 months ago. I find it really quite an amazing little pedal. It seems to be a combined compressor and EQ with one knob which, as you increase the intensity increases the compression and the EQ to flatten out a piezo's brittle sound. Definitely one worth trying if you get the chance.
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    Evidently, TC Eletronic is now Behringer (owned)!!
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    What other pedals or effects do you use with your acoustic guitar(s)?

    I used to go straight to the PA desk via my Line6 G30 wireless but now I add the above mentioned TC Electronic Bodyrez between the wireless' receiver and the PA desk. I rarely want anything else.

    How about you?
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    I use mine on a little pedal board I made up specifically for use with my acoustic live. It all starts off with either my J45 or (more often) my Ibanez Talman, which goes straight into a Behringer V-tone acoustic pedal. This is almost on a par with the Body Rez for having a miraculous effect on an electro-acoustic. They say it's like a valve pre-amp, and I don't know what it does, but it does something wonderful. Then we're into the Body Rez, followed by a TC Electronic Corona Mini chorus, with a very subtle chorus patch downloaded, then into a TC Electronic HOF Mini reverb (again with a subtle reverb patch loaded) and finally through a TC Electronic PolyTune Mini. Then it's into an AER Alpha acoustic amp (which is nothing short of BRILLIANT!) and then I take a line out of that into the PA to get a bit of it into the FOH speakers

    One irritating thing is that, although the Mooer and TC Electronic mini series pedals appear to be in a very similar package, the in and out jacks are off-set the opposite way round, so if you use a Mooer with a TC the sockets are opposite each other - shame these people can't talk to each other.
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    Nice to have you posting again Screaming Dave! I've just bought a couple of TC pedals myself (second hand for £25 each) - a Dark Matter distortion, and Mojomojo overdrive.

    I'm not at this point sure how I want to go with my pedal board, but I have been finding my mini-sized drive pedals a bit too fiddly to operate, plus the small size seems a bit pointless, as if they are too close together I can hit the wrong pedal switch by mistake. So if they work out sounds-wise, I think I'll move to having the two TC drives instead.

    One thing about the TC drives that I like the idea of is that they are designed to keep the low frequency end of the signal consistent - with other drive pedals, it generally seems to be noticeably cut, and I do like a full-bodied (fruity!) tone myself. Plus the TC drives will visually match up well with my TC Hyperdrive compressor. And the build quality is undoubtedly a bit better than the Chinese mini-pedals.
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    My main problem with the TC mini pedals is they fall over when I hit them with my clumsy feet! That's why sticking them to a nice big piece of wood helps!
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    Wow, I've never seen that Boss pedal before. Is it a recent addition to the range?

    My problem with the Woodverb is that it has too many knobs! I tried out a Mooer reverb at the same time I bought my first HOF Mini, and part of the attraction of the HOF Mini to me is that you get a great sounding 'verb with one knob. Turn it up and you get more reverb, simples! I found event with all the knobs I couldn't get a good reverb on the Mooer, but to be fair I was being impatient!

    I'm not anti-Mooer, though. I have one of their baby tuners and a Green Mile and they're both great. I just don't like too many knobs on a reverb!
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    I think you're probably right to avoid pedals that are too complicated Dave - I've found that out from experience myself lately, since I started to do the pedal-board thing. At one point I had 3 drive pedals and a compressor, and while nice in theory, I think I'm going to end up with either one drive and a compressor, or more likely just the two drive pedals.

    I guess what I've learnt is that more options, just for the sake of having them, is not generally a good idea. The good idea is to have the simplest possible access to the sounds you need. I went through a similar learning curve with guitar wiring schemes.
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    I'm a great admirer of pedal manufacturers who have the balls to put just one knob on a pedal, viz the MXR Phase 90. You get one knob. You turn it up, you get more effect, you turn it down, you get less. Perfect. It says to me that they're confident they got it right. Likewise the EHX Small Clone (alright, there's a little slider switch for two modes, but I don't count that!)

    Once you get into pedals with concentric knobs, my brain turns off
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