I'm a long-time lefty

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I'm a long-time lefty who started out at the age of ten with a ukelele made from plastic! Then at 12 my grandmother bought me a cheap acoustic guitar as a birthday gift. It was the same model that John Lennon used in his early days with the Quarrymen called a Gallotone Champion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallotone_guitar ). The inside label stated that it was "Guaranteed not to split"; but unfortunately after 40 years of battering it did split and got junked. At 17 I made my first solid electric for a school woodwork project. It was Strat-shaped with a through-neck; not the easiest thing to play but it worked. Like the acoustic it got junked along the way.My current lefty kit consists of an American Standard Strat which I've had for 20 years; an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro; a Tanglewood TW15NS Dreadnought; a Boss ME70 effects unit, and a Selmer Truvoice Concord 8 amp which I've had since 1964. The amp is a bit of an antique now so I tend not to use it a great deal but it still works perfectly.


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    Hi Silvershark,

    Welcome to the forum.  Lots of good guitar (and non-guitar) banter here.  Hope you stick around and contribute - sounds as if you've got a long history that's bound to contain some interesting nuggets!

    What sort of music gets you excited?

    Cheers,  Reg.

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