First gig of the year in the diary.

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First gig of the year in the diary. Not until May, but it's nice to discover I haven't retired. A duo gig - me and percussion. I've been told I can have a solo acoustic slot at a date of my choosing, too. So that's almost two gigs. It's like being on tour.


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    Good for you Derek.  Sorted your riders and the tour bus yet?

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    Did an Open Mic tonight - thought I'd best get back into it sooner rather than later, keep up a few of the contacts I've made. Played four numbers, three of which I was very pleased with, one less so. But considering it was a last minute decision to go with no rehearsal or practice or even thinking what to play three out of four wasn't bad. I do seem to have stumbled across a lovely song in I Learned To Walk which I'm sure I posted here. It was really well received. Lots of good acts - one chap even played an Oyster Band song, something about there being a Quiet Night in England. Someone else said my guitar sounded lush, which I think was a compliment (it's a Tanglewood!). Anyway, Saturday night is the next performance, it's a party for my drummer (and partner in the duo) 's wife and there'll no doubt be a few songs played at some point. Slowly getting back into it...

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    Brilliant!  You can't beat open-mic nights or blues jam nights for inducing pure white-knuckle fear and adrenalin-charge euphoria in equal amounts!

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    Great stuff Derek.  Anything likely to come out of it?

    That Oysterband stuff gets everywhere.

    Cheers, Reg.

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