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  • Hi guys!


    I really hope you will subscribe to my forthcoming Youtube Channel - Richards Guitars "Behind The Scenes".


    It will be a fly on the wall overview of events as they unfold which will cover things such as...


    New guitars arriving!

    Quality control problems

    Dealing with customer expectations

    Behind the scenes action ... .like me packing a box - or shouting at customers!

    You will meet Teresa (my wife in order tracking), Chris (my tech), my dogs (who work with me now too) and get to know my trade visitors.


    I want to share my views on the industry (should be interesting lol) philosophy on life and how I put that into my work.... you name it - it will be in here!


    So as it says, Richards guitars behind the scenes.... yeh I know I should have called it "unplugged" but frankly that would have been tooooooo cliche.


    You should be able to subscribe via this link I believe....


    Any support will be appreciated.

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