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Hi Just to let you know of a new scheme I set up literally today. I could also do with feedback on your experience using it too. The bottom line is that its a simple peer to peer referral scheme.  You can tweet, use Facebook or simply email a friend. In return, if someone you have recommended places an order you will be notified that you have earned your free strings. If that person makes a recommendation to someone else and they buy a guitar, you get more free strings! You may never have to buy strings again?! Its just a nice way of networking and rewarding people in a tangible way for their recommendation of my services. Hope you like it!


  • merlinmerlin Posts: 92Member

    Fabulous idea Richard! Generous too... I'm in! 

  • Wow thank you!


    I can see from my little control panel who has joined up, how many invites they have sent out and if anyone then makes a purchase etc.


    It seems to work really well but proof will be in the pudding as they say!


    All recommendations of my service are genuinely appreciated and this is a way of working together with people who support what I do.


    Thanks again!

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