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Disaster has definately struck! For the past 2 years this middle aged woman has been having lessons with a marvellous teacher who has made it all such fun.  We have had loads of laughs, like similar music and I have had an absolute ball however sadly he is moving away and I therefore will be without a teacher come the new year. I am beside myself and so very very sad. There doesn't seem to be many teachers around in my area (NW Kent).  I really don't want to give up now but  I find it much harder to get motivated to play on my own and I have to confess that I am really scared to play in front of a new teacher as confidence is my stumbling block. any ideas anyone of any good teachers. Or any thoughts and ideas on how I can keep my motivation going otherwise I can see my guitars will become just for decoration and I don't want that. many thanks from a sad lady. Xxxxxxxxx


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    I appreciate your concern. I gave up lessons a few months back and I have hardly played a note since. The embarrassment of going for a lesson, ill prepared, makes you play when you would perhaps rather do something else (in my case Xbox!).

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    Another option as an interim is to look at structured online courses where you have to submit homework.


    If your teacher is moving away does that mean he is giving up teaching?  If not perhaps you could discuss with him the option of continuing to take lessons via Skype or such like?  He might be glad of the opportunity to carry on as he'll have to establish himself in his new area for face to face lessons, and that will take a while.


    Hope you get something worked out - I imagine the face to face element can be important for motivation.  But I'm the last person to know anything about that as I've never had a lesson in my life (it probably shows!).  The sheer joy of playing does it for me, and I love the satisfaction of working something out for myself.


    Cheers, Reg.

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    I assume you have asked the present teacher for his recommendations? Quite often these chaps know one another professionally and he might have someone in mind.


    In any event the social aspect will change like it does in any dynamic relationship. That doesn't mean you should shy away, rather you should embrace the change. You may find yourself enjoying playing music you wouldn't have listened to!


    good luck.

  • Its not substitute but Youtube is an amazing resource for tuition these days.


    Once you find a style of teaching you like you can join their "channel" and will receive updates on latest lessons automatically.


    All free of charge - certainly something I would suggest doing regardless of the situation with your tutor.  Good teachers are hard to find.

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    This may seem a bit radical, but how about trying to join/form a band. I think you'll be surprised how many people there are who are in the same situation as you (all of your old teacher's ex-pupils, to name but a few!) who'd love to get out and play with other people.  There's nothing like being in a band to force you to practice, improve and actually learn complete songs from start to finish, plus you'll make some great new friends.  as the wise man said, "There are no mates like band mates."

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    As Richard says,  YouTube is your friend. After I damaged my hand I thought I'd never be able to play again. Even if there had been a tutor nearby, which there isn't, I would not have been confident to go to one. I had to virtually start again, so I chose to use YouTube lessons and exercises to retrain my fretting hand and to find some sort of belief in myself. 

    You may well find motivation in the freedom that certain online lessons can afford.  At least it costs nothing to try. 

    At the moment I've just started to follow a series of lessons in how to incorporate some theories of Indian Raga into blues guitar. I'm only on the very first part of lesson one, but already I'm excited enough to want to try some of the ideas out for myself. 

    Whatever genre you choose, I bet you can find something to whet your appetite, so don't give up, this could be the start of something rather than the end. 


    Good luck and happy playing! 

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    Thank you so much guys for all your help, support and great ideas! It means a lot thanks.


    i am looking for another teacher but I am also going to have a go with some online lessons too as they seem like a good idea. Also, I am going to be playing with a couple of my neighbours so that will help too as it will give me a goal and focus.  


    Thank you you so much once again for all the help, it's great! 

  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Good to hear you're feeling a bit more positive about the situation.


    Keep us up to date on how it's all going.


    Cheers, Reg.

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